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Vicky (from Athens)

These shopping bags on wheels are wonderful. If you know of an elderly person who still lives independently, one of the rolling bags would make a great gift. I gave my mother one several years ago when she moved in to a senior facility. When she returns from shopping she can put her individual bags (she seldom buys a lot at one time) in to the rolling bag and pull it to her apartment. No making multiple trips to the car for purchases. Seeing this post today reminds me of just how pretty and useful the colorful bags are. I’ll be in the Alps in July and I think I’ll buy several and send them home for gifts for family and friends. Thanks for the reminder!

Jane Williamson

You can have your purchases taken to your car by donkey in the summer in Cluny.


These chariots are wonderful!!
We are spoiled with the shopping carts that are available to us at most every market here in the US.
And really need something practical and easy to use when we are away from home.
My belle mere,bless her,surely would have loved having something so terrific.Their house was at the top of a steep hill,on narrow,car unfriendly cobblestone roads.
My arms still ache when I remember lugging our daily supplies home!

Judy Klinck

I am crazy about bags of all types!! I must have 60 or 70 reusable shopping bags common here. Enjoyed seeing your photos. Hope to sit at the cafe again in 2019!!


J'apprends aujourd'hui que ce que j'ai toujours appelé un "caddy" s'appelle, en bon français, un chariot de courses. Better late than never!

Colleen Taylor

You truly caught me by surprise with my card Lynn! I'm thrilled that you mentioned me as well as one of my cards. I so appreciate you doing this. You are just the sweetest & thank you!

I love this photo of you with your cart & that darling bag! I can tell you when I shop I don't look nearly as stylish as you do. I have one of those carts but mine is a boring plain black one. I purchased it so long ago when I went on wholesale buying trips & I still have it. They do come in handy.

Wonderful post & what a pleasant surprise for me. Thank you again!

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