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Debbie Ambrous

Oh, Lynn, it is gorgeous!! I know it must be difficult for you to leave this beautiful home, but I'm sure the next one will be just as wonderful with your eye for tasteful decorating. I had looked forward to this post very much and I am definitely not disappointed. Thanks for sharing!! I wish the best for you in your next home.

Anthea Dodsworth

Amazing! I had no idea it was so lovely. Fantastic job you have done inside and out in the garden plus a wonderful view😊

bonnie groves poppe

Selling that lovely house? No! What are you guys, 90? I don't get this downsizing thing, I'm 75 and its not happening here! Seriously, you did a beautiful job on the property, it is full of charm and looks very convenient as well for living. I'm sure your new property will be great, but still .....
bonnie in provence

Doris Wolfe

Chapeau, c’est magnifique!

Colleen Taylor

You did such a fabulous job on the transformation of this gorgeous home Lynn. Even though we've never met,I can see this home is definitely you. It's charming & so homey and those views are out of this world. This has to be somewhat of a heart breaker to sell this but I do understand the downsizing as I've done that. Best wishes for a smooth as silk sale.

Julie Farrar

I'm so envious. I would have loved to have a village house like this. I dream big every time I wind along the back roads in Burgundy. We may have even driven right past your house last summer because that landscape is so familiar from our weekend last summer driving all around the Charolles and Brionnais towns around there. Alas, we are not in France enough time in a year to take care of a house. We have to settle for an apartment. I like my place, but it is small, so it doesn't give me enough space to go out shopping for French antiques. And my husband likes the minimalist vibe it has. Good luck on your city hunt.

Anne Woodyard (@MusicandMarkets)

I can't imagine you'll have any trouble finding a buyer quickly - such a lovely haven you've made! Best wishes on your new adventure! We're finally making strides on dream - have set a date for moving to our much-loved Aix home rather than just short visits! Now to really make it happen!

Gail in AZ

Absolutely gorgeous. A feast for the eyes and some great decorating ideas! Thank you so much for sharing with us Lynn. :)


Dear Lynn,
One word for your home: SPECTACULAR!!
My gosh,I am exhausted even thinking about how much work it was!
But 15 years of joyful life there,surrounded by your beautiful furnishings,
is nothing short of a very deserved gift.
You do so well with challenges,Lynn, that for certain, your next place will be gorgeous and warm.
Moving,especially down sizing,is anything but a walk in the park.(during the process,we sometimes questioned our sanity!)
But the end result is so worth it,and makes the next stage of life really wonderful.


Your home is beyond stunning—as you must already know. I would love to buy it but our dreams of a home in France (our best friends live in the Poitou and we have friends all over the Hexagon.) disappeared when our California based son started a family. Our trips to Europe are still on but living there will never happen—grandchildren come first with us. That said, we are also downsizing from our 3,000 sq. Ft. Mid century modern. We love our house but with, 3 floors and no elevator, it’s probably not the best living situation for us.

Good luck.


Judy Klinck

I agree with Bonnie! Don’t go!!

Kathy Colvin

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! If we were of an age to consider a move to France, your beautiful place would be the one to tempt me to do it! All the best as you make this big change in your lives. (P.S. I've made your "gateaux minute" to universal praise as well as the chocolate/coconut macaroons. Also a hit with ALL who tried them. Merci beaucoup!)

Christine Webb-Curtis

I love your book recommendations.

Your house is extraordinarily beautiful. The brick wall? Absolutely worth every broken nail. (Easy for me to say, I wasn't doing it.) The view is enough to swoon over. I cannot imagine you'll have the slightest problem selling this place for whatever you ask. I imagine it will be difficult to leave; but judging by what I know of you, this move to town will just be another adventure.

Connie Rice

I am so happy to see all of your photos and know that we were lucky enough to enjoy some time there with you. If I was designing my own home there it would look exactly like this! I absolutely could move right in! We wish you good luck in your new adventure and will look forward to seeing the new place on our next visit.

Love to you both,

Glenda May

Having been to your home I know how lovely it is!
Remember we met when we were staying with Pierre and Nicole in 2012?
I can't imagine leaving it after all your work and memories.

I am in the process of trying to convince my partner to at least entertain the idea.
Can I please have more details?


Hi Lyn, long time we haven't spoken. What pleasure to see this stunning home I have heard so much about. What a gorgeous job. I guess I'm not surprised as I knew you had done something amazing. This is exquisite. How nice that you enjoyed 15 years. I look forward to seeing your next project.


WOWSER!!! Where did you find the cassoulet casseroles? I've been looking for one to make my cassoulet and have to borrow from my neighbors.
You did a BANG-UP job...beautiful.


Wow!Your home is fantastic, and the view is spectacular. Congratulations!


What a beautiful place, Lynn! It must hard to let it go, but I wish you luck in the next adventure. An apartment in town will be nice, too, I am sure, and hopefully the cat will agree. No?

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