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ellen van Thiel

You are right to say this post about Hemingway’s home in Key West reminds one of France. I was so homesick for my French cats I almost stopped reading in the middle of the post to pack my bags. I loved all the names too. I think I may have to do some renaming when I get back. Great photos and memories! Thanks!

Herm in Phoenix, AZ

Great post, Lynn! What a pampered life those cats must lead. Wonder if they get nine lives like that(Grin).

Here's a short "cat" story told to me many years ago by a Parisian friend:

It was winter in Paris.

Three little kittens named un, deux and trois were playing on the bank of the Seine. They ventured out on the thin ice that had formed along the shore.

The sheet of ice broke off and started floating down stream with the kittens aboard. The sun came out, the ice melted and . . . . . une deux trois quatre cinq!

Jane Williamson

I found a Martin Walker novel on the kindle deals.
You are right, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Lynn,this entire post is just completely delighful! Including the wonderful pictures!!
Thank you!
And thank you,too,again(!)for introducing me to Martin Walker!I also found his novels(several of them,actually) on kindle!

Anne Woodyard (@MusicandMarkets)

I may have mentioned our favorite Aix en Provence mysteries before - by M.L. Longworth. Set in Aix and the surrounding area, they're an enticing read. Death at Chateau Bremont was the first in the series, and there are now 7, with more on the way! Her protagonist, Judge Verlaque, "lives" on our street in Aix ;)

Colleen Taylor

I was on a business trip years ago to Key West. We drove past the Hemingway house on a tour but I was never able to actually see it inside. I'm highly allergic to cats but I would have loved being there. I had no idea that all these cats were part of the house tour, so cute! A delightful post Lynn.

Vicky (from Athens)

I love Henri and am thrilled to see he has a book! When I checked it out on Amazon I was led to some Chat Noir socks that I just have to have!! I’ll order them when I order the book.
Thank you for getting me started on the Martin Walker books and I’ve really enjoyed them. Caves of the Perigord was the second one I read and I loved it.

Anne Daigle

I am on my second Bruno book since you posted about Martin Walker. The books are on our library's digital service. Coincidentally, one of my good friends was named "Courreges". I love the cat pics. But how can the cats' caretaker and the tour guides remember the names of 55 cats?

Alix Rico

Lynn! Thank you so much for this post! This is on my bucket list and I loved the cats, of course!! Hope to see you soon! We arrive May 6!! Or you could bring your boat to Fairhope on Mobile Bay! xoxo,a.

Jonathan Paschal

We were on a tour there. Someone asked "How do you keep the cats from leaving." Tour guide "Why would they leave?" :-)

Suzanne Hurst

I LOVE this edition of SFF. I have to see Hemingway's house and cats! What a great idea to name them after famous artists, stars, etc. One of my neighbors once had a cat named Coco Chanel. :) I love Henri, Le Chat Noir. Merci, Lynn. I will share this with some of my friends who are not so much into France, but very into cats.

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