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Dee Jackson

Great photo Lynn


I’m a huge Bruno fan as well and was excited that maybe Mr. Walker is doing a full book tour. But I can’t find any info about one. Do you know if he’s making the rounds?


I too am a fan and have read all of Bruno books. Why doesn’t he self-publish his English version cookbook and sell it either via his website or through amazon? His fans would buy his book. And also Donna Leon who writes the Guido Brunetti series (from Venice) published a cookbook of the recipes from those books. It’s fabulous, one page the excerpt from one of the books mentioning the dish and the next page, the recipe. And Donna Leon while a fabulous writer is no top chef or one with a tv show. There are so many Martin Walker fans that his cookbook would sell (although hold the wild boar for me, once was enough for me!)


I love his books, my library is not always lending his latests, so maybe I will break down and buy some.


Ah ha - how fortunate were you to actually meet Martin Walker. Love his books and can't wait to read A Taste For Vengeance.
Btw also love your house; a great renovation.
Kindest regards.

Suzanne Dunaway

Oh how I love this man’s books. Thank you for letting us know that he has a new one and another one on the way. It’s good to know that yet another pièce de résistance is coming out! Have read them all as have many friends and we are thrilled about this new one.


St. Armand's Circle -- one of my favorite places in the world until the 90's when it got so mall-like! It's still lovely, but its heyday was definitely the 80's. The original Lilly Pulitzer store, back before it was megatrendy, featured a Lilly wrapped palm out front. My mom bought all my clothes at a store called The Young Islander, where I sported Norma Kamali in high school. Thanks for the memories -- and the book tip. #FUALLTHETIME


I am so jealous!!! Quelle chance!


What a wonderful coincidence, meeting the author in Florida !!
Incidentally, are his books translated into French ? As you know, I am a literary translator from English to French.
Today, I mentioned your amazing renovation work to a friend of mine who is a skilled tradesman living in LA VINEUSE !

Christine Webb-Curtis

Just yesterday, I told my husband that I was ready for the next book and that I hoped Martin Walker was busy finishing it. Now I'll have to see if it's ready for preordering. (I usually preorder his and Louise Penny's books.) I highly support the suggestion of Jacqueline (above) that he should self-publish his cookbook in English. I'd buy it for sure.

Michaela Rodeno

I agree with the recommendation to self-publish. Amazon's print-on-demand division, CreateSpace, makes it easy.

Oh, and I prefer the cover on the left. Lovely chateau.

Sue Wallace

Lynn, I'm extremely jealous! I'm SO glad you happened to be at the right place at the right time! I'm thinking you had a lovely dinner afterward, preferably French, to celebrate! And a lovely petit vin de noix? Maybe not in Sarasota?) WOW! Just WOW! Regards, Sue Wallace, Frederick MD


Lynn,first of all,what a great picture!
And what a fantastic afternoon!
I am one of the (probably)two people on the planet who is not familar with Martin Walkers's books.
This however,will change within the next few minutes when I order his latest!

John Sanders

You mentioned that "they had booked a gîte in the town where Walker lives" Do you know which town that is? Because that sounds like fun.


Hadn't heard of this author before but will surely get hold of his novels, based on your excellent recommendation. On a similar note, over the last year or two, I've been devouring the Brunetti novels written by Donna Leon. She's an American author, living in Venice and has written a whole series of books based in the city. The hero is Guido Brunettii, an intellectual police officer with a great love of food. The novels are wonderfully addictive. If you haven't read any, the first in the series is, "Death at La Fenice".

Colleen Taylor

Sounds like a fascinating read. I wasn't aware of this author but must check this out. The cover on the right is my choice without a doubt. Thank you for this wonderful post Lynn.

Page Robertson

The Bruno books are set in a fictitious village in the Perigord region of southern France. The village is for all the world like Monpazier where we spent the month of May 2015. We stayed in a charming gite "Aux Portes de la Bastides" where our gracious hosts were Giselle and John Pierre Vidal. It was the most favorite of our 6 visits to France.

Martin Withington

PS Just finished reading through chapter one of, “Death in the Dordogne “ and loving it already. Thanks for the recommendation!

Suzanne Hurst

I've never heard of the Bruno novels, but I will check them out.
I have lived in the Sarasota area, for a year, and St. Armands was my favorite venue outside the beach itself. There was a Cafe there, called Cafe New Orleans, I believe. I used to go to poetry readings there, and imagine I was in the French Quarter. They served sandwiches on beignets (not sugared, of course), and they were delicious!

Debbie Ambrous

I just ordered one of his books which should arrive shortly, so I was extra glad to see your story. What a super coincidence to find him in Florida and for him to discover you! The Dordogne is one of my most favorite places in France, so I will be sure to order his next book.

Iz Campbell

It was a special treat when I discovered Martin Walker's first Bruno, Chief of Police book. I went on to enjoy them all. Haven't seen a new one for awhile, so was glad to hear there's one out, and another to follow shortly. The US cover appeals more to me. I dream of revisiting your corner of Burgundy, and maybe even staying with Nicole, if she is still hosting visitors. Meanwhile, the Mediterranean climate of the Northern California Wine Country where I live is an excellent consolation.

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