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Have you read On Rue Tatin by Susan Loomis?

Anne Daigle

I am in the middle of my third Martin Walker (Bruno ) novel. I am entranced especially since Bruno shares his last name (Couregges) with one of my friends. Two things though--how does Bruno ever find the time to be a policeman with all the cooking he does? And Mr. Walker needs to set a scene in one of the stories in which Bruno spends about 3 days cleaning all the duck fat grease (from his fried dishes) from the walls, cabinets, etc of his kitchen. There are chat noir socks--got to get some.


Merci! Like you, I am always into books about or located in France. Will check this out!

Suzanne Hurst

Thanks for the recommendation of La Folie. I will look for it on my Kindle and add to my LONG list of books to read. As for serendipity, I am a total believer! :)

Kathy Colvin

Love this!


This looks charming!Especially because the contents capture our imaginations the way the covers do!
Thanks,Lynn!Looking forward to two fun reads!
I just started Martin Walker's "A Birthday Lunch".Another wonderful one,hard to put down.
Sweet Elley was spayed on Wednesday.Poor baby,our little kangaroo is not hopping too much for awhile,nor rough housing with her brother Ari.
Actually,though,she is taking everything way better than we are.Animals are such inspirations.(I would've rather had another hysterectomy myself than put her through this).

Christine Webb-Curtis

I just started Martin Walker’s most recent book. Just as delightful as all the others. I waited for a week to start the book because I so hate to get to the end. I’ll look for this new author as I’m a total sucker for the subject matter—vicariously buying and renovating a house in France. Alas, I never will. But it’s fun to read about others’ experiences. Thanks for the recommendation.


Love this story! Will definitely read the book!

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