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Jane Williamson

We have a wonderful corkscrew from Domaine Luquet in Fuisse.
It has a litle gizmo on the side which when you press it after centring your corkscrew on the lip and to the right height, lifts out the cork.

Anita Legault

Lynn, excellent recommendation!!

These are the kind of corkscrews I have always used even before I jumped into the roller coaster world of running marketing and retail operations for boutique American wineries for 11 years. Now moved on from that world, but still have the passion.

Thanks for the shout-out to my retired wine blog. It was a wonderful walk down memory lane and who knows, maybe I'll revive it with a different perspective.


Great lesson, and I can't wait to read a Detective Bruno mystery!

Christine Webb-Curtis

Alas, we have fallen prey to the battery-powered corkscrew. Otherwise, this all would be "mon habitude." We worked the California State Fair wine competition for a few years and my husband's job was to open the wines. After a day of that, he developed a pretty smooth technique. Beautiful corkscrew, that Laguiole.


if you ever find yourself near to Lagioule, it's well worth a visit. There are several independent knife makers in town, all allowed to put the all important Lagioule Bee trademark on their products.

We have a lovely classic shepherd's knife, given as a gift. In one of the shops, there's a lovely replica of our knife. But whereas our knife with the blade open is 20 cm long, the replica was 3 metres!Not exactly a pocket knife!

PS Lagioule has a very famous 3 starred Michelin restaurant which I can't report on because unfortunately, we didn't get to eat there.

Colleen Taylor

What a great tutorial on opening up a wine bottle. We have more corkscrews of every type of assortment.I don't even drink though. Any alcohol just doesn't agree with my stomach. It's still easier for me to hand to bottle to someone else & say, "here, you do it." In case someone doesn't know how, I think I've got this one down pat. Thank you Lynn!


Lynn,thank you for today's really helpful post,including the wonderful pictures to illustrate.
And what a beautiful corkscrew!
I have arthritic hands(actually,arthritic everything)(sigh),so the duties of the wine opening fall to Rod's talents.
Bouteilles?After years of practice,(best of all,sipping!)mais oui!It is a tough job,but,hey,someone's got to do it!!

Mary Anne MacMorran

I love this post! I hope that with practice, I will be able to open wine with such élan!

Mary Anne


Bonjour Lynn, Well, I have now downloaded 4 Detective Bruno books. So much fun to read about his little village, St. Denis, that shares the same love for life in the French countryside that we have found in southern Burgundy. Thanks for your blog Lynn. It is always interesting and I learn something each and every time.

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