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Colleen Taylor

I'll take that last recipe with the oranges and the Gran Mariner. I love carrots so very much. My grandmother would say they would give me good eye sight but that didn't work. I'm not sure where she came up with that saying but I believed it for a long time until I had to get those awful cat eye thick "coke bottom" glasses at an early age. Not at all attractive to the guys. Thankfully, I no longer need to wear them.

Thank you for the recipe Lynn.

Jane Williamson

We have a kilo of asparagus every day at the moment.

Christine Webb-Curtis

No wonder Ron loves them. It’s going right into my recipe book as Carrots Lynnaise. And thanks, Lynn, for yet one more keeper.


Just want to tell you I am reading the 2nd Michael Wright book and have really enjoyed both of them. Thank you so much for the wonderful suggestions!!! Amusing reading!


Lynn,I have been making Carrottes Lyonnaise,using prepackaged baby carrots(and chopped onions),to save my hands from having to chop.So easy!
Turns out wonderfully well,but after seeing your recipe for Carrots Lynnaise,WOW!!sounds like heaven and I can't wait to try!
Thank you!
Kristen Espinesse (and hubby Jean Marc)'s book is terrific! (Needless to say,as are all her writings!)
Another good read I recently found is Save Me The plums,by former Gourmet magazine editor Ruth Reichl. A walk down memory lane for Gourmet readers,and
keeps your attention.

Suzanne Hurst

The Lynnaise sounds best to me. And easier. I have done carrots with OJ, but WOW, with Grand Marnier, they would have to be magnifique, French or not! :)

Amy Hughes

My mother-in-law gave me essentially your Carrots Lynnaise recipe years ago, except she called it "Aloha Carrots". Not really sure why, since it's not particularly Hawaiian, but nonetheless was a great way to get my 3 boys to eat carrots back in the day! Glad to know the real recipe.

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