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Allison (Ali) HERRON

Wild, huh? I hadn't seen the parking lot? That is atrocious! And I guess now, the parliament has decided it will be reconstructed as before. Don't know about the materials they will use - maybe more safety conscious.

PATRICIA H. Flournoy

see you next week!

Cindy Bogart

Hmmm, they can't just rebuild it, huh?
#1 is a definite no - you are right, it evoke the memory of the fire, #2 It's UGLY

Thanks for this! xxx


Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut's design -- which adds a giant greenhouse to the roof, has an eco-system that produces, rather than uses, energy, and includes a hydroponic farm -- gets my vote and whole-hearted approval, providing there is a place for the bees! it's time for Paris to start perfecting its 21st-century imprint and abandoning architectural antiquity, n'est-ce pas? look to I. M. Pei's Pyramide du Louvre for inspiration, not to the agèd cathedral's Gothic past.

Don Christian

I guess I'm a bit of a traditionalist. I. M. Pei's pyramid is interesting but not in keeping with the rest of the Louvre. His treatment of the East Wing of the National Gallery, Washington is brilliant--a unified structure.
Notre Dame is a gem of Gothic architecture--not improved or harmed by Viollet-le-Duc's 19th century spire which more ore less kept the spirit of the original style. I would prefer to see the cathedral remain as a monument to Paris' history and not a mish-mash of contemporary and antique architecture. Yes, I know the cathedral is a mixture of Gothic styles, but essentially it keeps to the same overall motif and building materials.
Abadie et al's Sacre Cœur works as early 20th century architecture. Piano et al's Pompidou Centre is a decent example of contemporary Parisian architecture. Neither of these would be improved by adding--say--flying buttresses.

Frank Levin

Vincent Callebaut has done a nice job. The spire of the one with the stained-glass roof is very similar to the two spires of the Portland Convention Center which are also of glass. Thew off-the-wall- designs are fun, but I think the solution is between the far-out and the traditional. I just hope it is 100% fireproof materials.


I hope they restore it as it was. For many people it will be their one exposure to a Gothic cathedral. It should be seen the way it was for centuries. I will always remember my sense of awe the first time I entered and felt the power of all those centuries of people worshipping there. It seems best to me to maintain the focus on its religious purposes and let other projects be modern.


I hate them all. What’s wrong with tradition, replicating the steeple that fell? 😊

Stevie Bear

I'm with you - I think I like the Belgian design best. Bringing the Old and the New together in a very earth friendly way - Yay!!


I agree with you on this.

Sue Wallace

They all look ridiculous, disrespectful of 800 years of amazing church history and artisans, and make God's church look like some kind of carnival scene. Sorry if this offends some people but for God's sake!


I know I am old fashioned(translation:most likely stodgy)
but rebuilding the way it was really hits an accord with me.So beautifully recognizable,so wraps itself around our hearts--as well as the hearts which were before us(and probably those after us).

barbara stuart

I agree old fashioned or not.

Herm in Phoenix, AZ

Thanks, Lynn, for this informative post.

Most of these plans are too futuristic for this old desert rat! Mixing the architecture would lead to an eyesore. Also, the sole function of the structure should remain a place of worship.

I guess I'd go along with the most popular one although I like the idea of the stained glass tower, but not the roof as shown . . . ç'est trop plus!


Herm in Phoenix, AZ

Whatever the new design is, it should include a sprinkler system. . . . They could use holy water.

bonnie groves poppe

As a rigid and unrepentant historic preservationist, I would rebuild but leave the steeple off. It is really rather new and had not been there for the majority of the cathedral's long life. Perhaps a holigraphic one could be projected at night as a reminder of the depredations of people who want to make things "more historic"..... VLD certainly did a job on Carcassonne, which is quite a unique place, but the witches hats were never there until he added them. I would rather have Prosper Merimee doing my historic architecture!!
bonnie in provence

Suzanne Hurst

I like the same one as you, Lynn. I also like the stained glass idea, but that seems very impractical.

Colleen Taylor

Oh my goodness, most of these are so weird. Maybe the greenhouse but I'm not quite sold on that one either.


I agree with Kathy and Emily. Restore it to its original structure!
There are enough ugly buildings already!!

Sherry Falconer Monson

Vincent Callibaut - à lively idea also remembering it IS a Cathedral

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