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Well, if you have to live in a town, Beaune’s a pretty good choice.
Rumour has it that they make some half decent wines around those parts!
Best wishes to you and Ron: I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Bonnie L

Wow! How lovely! Beaune is one of my favorite places. The Saturday market...époisses quiche...walking the bike path through the vineyards to Pommard...the wine selection...sigh. I look forward to reading about your new adventures in your new home. SO exciting!


Beautiful place! Look up when you go for cooking classes and a food/wine shop which is owned by an American lady and her daughter. Best of luck!

Judy Klinck

A lovely post! Hope you are somewhat settled by now! Thanks for the call - the next best thing to seeing you!

Frank Levin

Beaune is one of my favorite places. It is about as French as it comes. Lots of good things to eat and sip. You are going to love it there.

Connie Rice Allen

How exciting for you both! From what we have already heard, your place sounds lovely! We were lucky enough to visit the beautiful city of Beaune and will look forward to seeing you there and share a bottle or two. xxoo


How wonderful. We are truly happy for you both and wish you many new and fabulous adventures ahead in beautiful Beaune.

D. Morgan

I'm tearing up about sweet Domino. All the best in your new adventure. We retired to downtown Nice, and love it.


Lovely post! I look forward to reading about life in Beaune!


Best of luck to you with your new home. I've not been to Beaune so like others I'll be eagerly awaiting reports. bon chance!


Bon courage! I hope you are able to create many more beautiful memories in your new home.


Warmest wishes for new adventures in your new home.

Jane Williamson

Wine and mustard.
I hope you enjoy being in the heart of things, totally different from the beautiful Clunisois.
All the best.


I learned from one of your posts to make note of any restaurant that draws a crowd of small white vans. Using your tip, we found Cafe de France, just outside the walls of the historic center of Beaune. Good thing it was not quite noon because only a table for two was still available. Soon after, the sapeurs-pompiers arrived to fill their reserved seats, and I was certain we had made a good choice. With no menu, the same meal was delivered to each table. Plate after plate and all delicious and filling. The next day when we entered, the patron recognized us and said, "your table is waiting." Another happy meal. Thank you, Lynn, for helping to create this fine memory.

Cynthia Maranian

The Army keeps sending us around the world, but these days too far from Beaune! Steve and I keep thinking about retirement, knowing we want access to good food and wine, cultural events, and the ability to walk for daily errands and entertainment... because, you know, good food and wine. Congratulations on this next stage, and next time we pass through Beaune, I’ll keep an eye out for you. But I promise not to harass you, just like I never harassed Peter Mayle when we’d see him during our stays in Lourmarin :-) Don’t think I’ll bump into you at our new duty station of Fort Leavenworth!


Quelle surprise! We all make changes as we age. Bonne chance with your new chapter.

Rachel Matthews

Beaune crops up frequently in Laura Bradbury’s “Grape series”. I enjoyed all 5 books immensely! Hope all goes well for you - awaiting your next installment!!

Lynn McBride

From Jean-paul: “It's wonderful that could sell your house so quickly. One week is almost unheard of, well done !! . Beaune is a lovely town and we are sure you'll love it there.”

Jean Paul is selling his wonderful house, nearby on the other side of CLuny. And oh la la, the views! the link is

Christine Webb-Curtis

Change brings adventure, and I’m sure yours will continue. Beaune is a lovely place for it. I imagine you will have yet more of us loyal readers contact you from time to time for a cup or a glass given that you will be even more accessible. I know we will if we happen to return there. I remember when I lived in San Francisco, there was an endless stream of visitors. Enjoy your new digs. I know you will and I very much look forward to hearing about it.


Jerry Heald

Enjoy your new circumstances!

Allison (Ali) HERRON

Lovely post, Lynn. We all know it was the right decision for you both. We will just all have to share your new experiences with you!!

Carolyn Thompson

We will be part-time neighbors, as we have had our own "Maison Secondaire" in Pommard since 2005. Beaune is certainly a lovely, bustling place. Best wishes for a smooth transition from your country life, and this wonderful new chapter!

Sue Wallace

Hope you enjoy a fine new home and good health in Beaune. Bill's family were residents in Beaune for a few generations before emigrating to New York. His Mom's name is Eleanor DeBeaune and the family tree is full of her current relatives!. We hope to visit one day and explore Burgandy if our health permits. Perhaps dinner there with the McBrides one day? Meanwhile we hope you'll continue SFF! Regards, Sue Wallace

Mary Anne MacMorran

This is bittersweet! I look forward to reading about your new adventures in Beaune. I hope you find a new home as lovely as the one you leave behind and that it is brimming with the warmth of new friendships, good food and wine.

Bon voyage!
Mary Anne MacMorran


Dear Lynn,
Your post today brought sighs,tears,and looking onward to happiness and peace.
Sweet Domino is at such perfect rest;you shared a joyful,gifted life together.
Blessings and joy to you,Ron,and sweet Vino.

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