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P. Flournoy

Love your recipes...When we had Bruno's Tomato Pie he put a few sprinkles of fresh buffalo Mozzarella on top. Gorgeous. I am thinking he prebakes the crust? Your thoughts, please

Suzanne Dunaway

LOVE the first tomato pie recipe for cooks on the go.
Maybe a little basil on top when serving...
I have cherry tomatoes coming out of our volunteer vines and will send you yet another cherry tomato recipe that I adore.
Thanks for all

Julie Farrar

I had the most fabulous tomato pie entreé in Dijon years ago. I took a picture and deconstructed it while I ate so I could make it myself. I don't know why I haven't. I'll have to dig out the deconstructed recipe. By the way, this weekend I'm making the vegetable soup with white beans and butter pesto you posted ages ago. One of my favorites. I'll freeze it and hope it survives the day-long drive from St. Louis to Atlanta.


Lynn,Bruno's recipe sounds like heaven!!OMG,I am absolutely drooling!!
Off to the store to buy the ingredients,making tonight for dimmer!!
Thank you!!

Martin Withington

I got very excited about the Julie Grimes Tomato Pie when I read that her restaurant was in Birmingham. Got to go there was my first reaction.
Sadly, it’s In Birmingham Alabama, not Birmingham UK, which is a short train ride away.


Keep the recommendations coming though!

Page Robertson

How have I been on the other side of Birmingham all this time and did not know about Julie?Signed up for her mailing list immediately! Will make a run over there often!

Colleen Taylor

These all sound so delicious Lynn. I think I'm going to try Bruno's method. Thank you for all the recipes.

Suzanne Hurst

I made a tomato pie once to take to a party. It was delicious, a French recipe, but it was not pretty. My tomatoes were very juicy, and so the pie was watery and the crust soggy. Since then I've read that one should slice the tomatoes onto paper towels to absorb the extra liquid. I notice neither of the two recipes you shared, Lynn, mention anything about that. Anyone else have a problem with a soggy pie?

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