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Linda Farrar

I can confirm that it was absolutely delicious!

Colleen Taylor

That looks so incredibly delicious Lynn! A keeper recipe for certain. Thank you!


Sounds delicious! Looking forward to making this recipe!

Julie Farrar

A great option for this holiday weekend to use up the last of our peaches. Can't wait to try it.


Lynn,oh wow!this just sends me off to float on a cloud!Yum!!
Back in the day,I ,too,was known for my Tarte Tatin,and also for using peaches and plums instead of apples.(we had fruit trees).Wonderful to remember!
A book I just started and looks terrific:All the Flowers in Paris by Sarah Jio.

Kristin Ranney

There are peaches here now too..however absolutely NOTHING compares to French Peaches...NOTHING. My mouth waters ever time I think of them. Lucky you!!!!!

Suzanne Hurst

Oh, my, I must make this recipe, if there are still fresh peaches to be found in KY. It sounds indescribably delicious, and not difficult. Thanks, Lynn, for the tip about what to do with the excess liquid in a tomato pie. I need to try one while the tomatoes are still in. I will be in mourning, when there are no more homegrown KY and IN tomatoes.

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