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Judy Klinck

What beautiful photos! I want to go and I agree about Amsterdam! Try some peaches from Spartanburg next time they are in season! The best!

Vicky from Athens

I’m with you, Judy. South Carolina peaches are the best. I was born and bred in Georgia and we are the “Peach State” but SC has the best.
Can’t wait to try this new sounds yummy!

Page Robertson

we will have to join the conversation about oz. in weight or liquid measure such as in 19 oz. peaches in the recipe. Cooks nowadays are very strict about which way to measure liquid or dry ingredients.


What a marvelous post today,Lynn!
Such gorgeous pictures of such gorgeous places!(So partial to Reims!)We especially appreciate your thoughts and comments!
Between those luscious Belgian waffles and Anne's Peach Crumble Pie,OMG!MY mouth is watering with growling tummy!
One of our most favorite memories was in Lichtenstein(admittedly,quite awhile ago now).
We had booked hotel space,but were told not to worry about those who hadn't--they simply put them up in the local jail!!
Thank you for appointing me "Favorite Reads" editor(an honor that I am sure I do not deserve!!) So hope you will enjoy All The Flowers in Paris.She is a wonderful writer!!

Anne Woodyard

Another Amsterdam lover here - best shopping ever for 6 ft.women like me! This time we'll stay in charming Leiden - another lovely city worth your time. Will check out Den Bosch for a future trip - it's new to me- thanks!


Lovely post, Lynn. The photos are great, especially the canal street in ‘s Hertogenbosch , it looks like you can touch the cobblestones. And I love the Reims cafe shot. I wonder who took it? The whole trip looks very memorable!

Page Robertson
Lynn, a friend found the peach equivalent measurements on The Spruce Eats website. Helps us know what
19 oz. peaches is,


Love this post! I will add Den Bosch to my list of places to visit!

Thanks for the book suggestion. I just finished an old series entitled The Cazalet Chronicles by Elizabeth Jane Howard. I enjoyed it!

As for Amsterdam, I've been going since the 80s, and it's always seemed rather touristy to me, but I still enjoy it. I'm sure John Green's The Fault in Our Stars added to the number of young people who now trek to The Anne Frank House.

Colleen Taylor

This is such a beautiful way to spend part of your summer Lynn. How fortunate you are to have good friends who can direct you to the best places.

Suzanne Hurst

Now I want to do Benelux too. The peach pie sounds absolutely delish.

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