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Colleen Taylor

You live in such gorgeous surroundings Lynn. How enchanting to be able to walk and travel around Beaune. Those grapes look so incredibly tempting to pick. I envy you from afar.


Lynn,these pictures are so lovely that you have captured our imaginations!
We loved Beaune when we were there years ago,and it certainly has not lost any of its charm!!(or delightful wine,either I'm sure!!)
Thank you for such a wonderful arm chair visit!!
A new book by Tracy Chevalier:A Single Thread.(she wrote Girl With A Pearl Earring,and Lady And The Unicorn ).Different subject matter this time,but has me caught up in the story.

Anne Woodyard (@MusicandMarkets)

Thank you, Lynn, for mentioning Music and Markets - so kind! We're hoping to pause in Beaune on our way to Paris from Aix in January so perhaps we can meet for a drink if you're in town!

Suzanne Hurst

What a lovely place to live!

Alix Rico

Love keeping in touch through your blog! Paul and I took our last walk through the vineyards over Goult on September13 this year. And they were already harvesting! Must be hotter there. I loved the town of Beaune when we visited with you and Ron. But never even registered the hills and vineyards! will have to go back!! A bientot!!

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