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Colleen Taylor

How I envy you and where you live! Gorgeous shots Lynn. Wonderful photo of you & your husband!

PATRICIA H. Flournoy


the Flournoys


That is one of the most beautiful chateaux we have ever seen not to mention the cool sandwiches and flowing wine. Then to live two blocks away… Maybe there will be more events.


What an amazing picnic and to live a couple of blocks away must be very advantageous.Thank you for mentioning Loulou.s post!

Virginia A. Ward

Hi Lynn and Ron. I love your blog even more after having met you this spring. What a lovely picnic for such charming people. Happy Thanksgiving

Suzanne Hurst


bonnie groves poppe

Leave it to the French to make a ham sandwich look like a precious gift! I was in Beaune once for a couple of days, and think I saw the chateau, but I don't think it was a place one could visit. I was so impressed with the beauty of the town, and the roof of the hospice. I did visit it, and thought it was just marvellous, loved the kitchen and pharmacy. Your old house was great, but clearly you've made a super choice for a town home. Smile more Ron ... He looks very handsome and dignified anyway.
bonnie in provence


I’m happy to see these great pictures. I always wondered what was up there and behind the ramparts. Looks like a lovely day!


Lynn,just the gorgeous picture of you and Ron is enough to whisk us away to incredible picnics in even more incredible surroundings!All I can say is WOW!!
And thank you for sharing with us!WOW!
Happy Thanksgiving,dear Lynn,and blessings always.


Bonjour Chérie, You and Ron have made a very wise decision to move to the center of the Burgundian wine world and all that it brings along with it. Bravo to you both! I too, like Ellen have always wanted to see what the Chateau was like and now you have kindly showed me. Mille Merci a tous !

Anne Woodyard (@MusicandMarkets)

The most beautiful pique-nique I've ever seen - what a pleasure!

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