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Joyeux Noël Vino, you are a wise family companion and they have proven it by giving you your own Christmas tree! Félicitations! Si tu a un moment, donnez votre parents un grande bise, Monty et Ali

Tom Berry

Merry Christmas, Lynn, and thanks for all the fun posts! I am hoping to meet you and your husband in the new year.

Best regards,

Tom Berry
Montréal (France)


Hi Vino and thank-you for your Christmas Wishes. I am a marmalade cat called Harry (after Prince Harry actually) and also bi-lingual. Most of the time I speak English but now and again when my servants visit England I have to stay in a French 'Hotel'.This is very nice and they do spoil me with lots of lovely cosy places to snooze and to watch the rabbits & birds - which I would normally be chasing of course. Naturally I have to speak French, my native language, with any neighbours. I am now 13 and my people say I am just as crazy as when I was a kitten but I'm afraid I do like to show off my tree climbing skills, also I love chasing my tail and my turn of speed when being chased by the local bully-boy is something to behold. Well, I wish you and your people a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Harry.


Great idea for a Christmas letter. Vino le Bambino is very sleek and pretty, especially with that tail. My Lucy and Ethel would have fun playing games with him.

Anne Daigle

What a rascal!

Quelle adorable! Wishing Vino le Bambino and his human owners a Merry Christmas.


Suzanne Dunaway

This adorable kitty Hass to be related to me Loulou. I am absolutely certain we are not too distant cousins!

Suzanne Dunaway

I am certain that the kitty is my distant cousin and you know me by the name of Lulu and this kitty is adorable. But naturally we are related to one another there for the adorable. Merry Christmas to all of you.

Ian lambert

Joyeux Noël Vino. Thank you for your Christmas Letter. You have given use some ideas for holiday activities. Unfortunately, our slaves will not let us climb the Christmas Tree. We are jealous. Joyeux Noël from Noir, Pinkles, Squarky and Missy.


Our dear Vino,you are not only an excellent author but just as cute as can be!!
While we are devoted animal lovers,(my mom rescued kitties),since 1968 our hearts have belonged to Yorkshire Terriers.Our precious pups Elley and Ari,just turned one,and still give us MANY heart failures during any given 24 hour period!
Lynn we both are so blessed to have our four pawed ',babies' in our lives!!
Joyeux Noel a tous!!

Herm in Phoenix, AZ

Vino .... Joyeux Noël et bonne année à un beau mec et prendre plaisir la peuple's maison

Suzanne Hurst

Je m'appelle Sassy, but Maman calls me "Ma chatte douce Sassy." This is my first Christmas letter, but tous les amis de maman m'aiment maintenant. (I don't speak French very well, but Maman has tried.) I've been sick this past year - chronic kidney disease - so maman has written a lot about me on "le Facebook." I am a black tabby, with a pink nose, and I am the sweetest cat in tout le monde. When I am happy, or when I'm trying to get Maman's attention, I switch my tail. I always mind, and never do anything bad. I only show my Sassy side, when I am pushed to my limit.
Meilleurs Voeux de Sante et de Bonheur a l'annee prochaine.


Hello Vino The Kid. Enchantée de faire ta connaissance. Avec ton arbre, tu me donnes une idée pour Patapon, mon jeune chat arrivé à la maison depuis seulement quelques semaines. C'est un "marmalade cat" absolument adorable. Il n'a pas envie d'être copain avec mes autres chats : Réglisse le "tuxie" et Mimi et Capucine, les deux chattes trois couleurs. Par contre, il semble bien disposé envers Charly, mon caniche. Charly est triste car Domino, son copain cavalier king Charles, avec nous depuis dix ans, nous a quittés en octobre. Je compte sur Patapon pour lui redonner la joie de vivre.
Joyeux Noël, gentil minou. Ralphe


Tomber du quatrième étage doit être très traumatisant.
Tu as eu beaucoup de chance, Vino. Take care.

Alix Rico

Omg! You deserve this cat! Fell 4 stories! I am just laughing and crying at the same time!!
I can just see Vino treetop, eyes out fir mice then jumping onto Ron’s lap as he naps!! Will
send you pic of my new puppy. Super cute! Cat and dog meet up sounds fun! It takes a fur
Person for life to be full and complete. Glad you have found Vino!! ❌⭕️❌⭕️ A & P


Oh how very wonderful the life of a cat is. All you have to do is look at those eyes to see wildness!!!
Happy Holidays to all!

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