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Our dear Lynn,you have been--and always are--in our prayers.We thank God you pulled through this ordeal from hell and are asking Him to grant you continued recovery and you,Ron,and all your family health,safety,and peace.
Thank you for sharing this with us.You give us courage and strength to face the future.
Blessings,dear friend.
Arms around you.


Lynn, you've done a great service, posting the diary of your illness followed by your excellent suggestions.

It should be required reading for everyone, especially for those who don't understand the gravity of our situation.

Continue to get well and may you soon return to your/our beloved France!

Carole Boyce

Hi Lynn,

Your experience was heart wrenching to read. It really puts life in perspective. Thank you so much for sharing but most of all, I am so glad you are better now. We all seem to take our health for granted, or we have in the past, perhaps that will not be the case in the future.

I had the opportunity to visit the Furman campus last month and thought of our halcyon days there. What an inspiration you are for making French class relevant and real!

Stay safe.......

Carole (Clarke) Boyce
Dacula, GA

Susan Carter

A horrible expeience for sure, Lynn, and I am relieved to hear you have recovered. These are very uncertain times and I pray for all who are sick.

Derin Gemignani

Dear Lynne, thank you so much for sharing that with us. The information is vitally important, and how truly wonderful that you got through this. It proves how incredibly strong you are. I have a question. When on days 13-17 you were feeling so horrible and your oxygen levels had dropped, why didn't you go to the hospital? I would like very much to know what was guiding your choices.

Thanks so much, and stay well,

Derin Gemignani


Well, thank goodness it is over (for now?) and you both were so smart to prepare the isolation as you did. We are very thankful for that. And, knowing how Ron dislikes medical problems, I believe he gets a gold star for his participation and thoughtfulness. I agree with you about wishing to be in France. What a difference about how they are coming to the rescue for the economy! I feel so sorry for our unemployed here in the states. Hugs to you both! Ali

Bob Shimp

So happy you recovered. Just as happy your husband dodged the bullet. Not fun that's for sure. Take care. Enjoy the rainbow.

Jan Janzen

Lynn, I’m so sorry for your horrible experience and very grateful you made it through. I’m glad to hear that Ron is okay. My husband and I postponed our trip to France and Belgium, which was to have begun at the end of this month. We have been isolating for three weeks so far. Our 15-year-old granddaughter is living with us, and she has been very cooperative. She’s sad that she can’t see her brothers and her parents, but technology has been a wonderful help. We have almost daily contact online with family here, and with our son in Orléans, France. Thank you for posting about the virus and for your tips regarding what to have on hand.

Ellen Hillenmeyer

Lynn, So glad you are back to good health. It's a great warning that we all need to be safe and sad to read how this country I love has fallen short of other countries in the world. Thank you so much for sharing!

Laurie J Parker

Lynn, our stories are so similar, but I was incredibly lucky. I flew to Paris for a retirement party and had to fly home the next day, because we were told all flights back to the US would be suspended the next day. During my 20 hour visit to Paris, I had dinner in Paris with 4 friends. Five days after returning home, I received a call that one of my dinner companions became ill and tested positive for Covid-19. a few days later, another dinner companion became ill and tested positive.

I am heartsick that you had to go through through this and I can't imagine the fear and anxiety. Thank you for sharing your Hell and Back journey. I sent it to my family and friends, hopefully, they will take the stay at home order more seriously.

Thank you for always sharing.



Our dear Lynn,you are,and have been,in our prayers,and it is answered prayers for us to learn that you have conquered this hellish ordeal.
All I can say is ,firstly,Thank God(!!)and then asking Him to grant you,Ron,and your family
continued health,safety and peace.
Your courage truly gives us courage and strength to go forward into the future.
Blessings,dear Lynn.

Jacky Burdett

dear Lynn - such a terrible experience - so good that you are recovering - take very good care of yourself and hurry back to France as quickly as you can - Jacky Burdett (Trivy)bises

Sandy Childs

Thank you, Lynn, for sharing your personal story to help us all understand and to be prepared and to take care to stay as healthy as possible. As you would say, merci beaucoup. Hoping you continue to recover well and are out of your solitary confinement and that Ron never contracted the nightmare virus. 🙏🏻❤️ Sandy

Kathy Colvin

So glad you've made it through the worst. Grateful you took the time and spent the effort to let us learn through reading about your experience. Thank you! All the best as you continue to regain strength and get back to normal.

Kathleen Hurder

Bonjour! So glad you are on the UPSIDE of this horrendous virus! I noticed in your comments one from Lee and Maureen.
My husband, Ron and I met them in Provence, dined with them, when they were staying outside of St Cecile dans le Vignes.
I hope this is the right couple. If you would be so kind to pass on my info to them i would love to hear from them.
It's very satisfying to read your account and how you fought your way back. You're a virus warrior.

Congrats to you!

Sandra McHugh

Dear Lynn, So sorry to hear about your ordeal and am very glad that you are feeling better and that Ron is fine. Thank you so much for sharing it. I live in Quebec and we have strict quarantine rules but I am terrified when I see on the news how the US is handling it. I saw on the news that some churches in the U.S. will still hold Easter services. And this is despite a death rate per capita of one of the highest in the world. Irresponsible and scary.


Marsha Alexander

Bravo have provided very valuable information. I immediately sent out to many friends and just this morning sent to another whose husband is having some issues. You gave us an amazing account of the waves of this terrible disease.
Thank you so much...I now have an oximeter that arrived yesterday...never thought I would need that. So relieved and happy to hear about your defeat of this and Ron take care and stay well. Love, Marsha

Sheila fidler

Thank you for your story and sharing it....God bless you and your family. I wonder what should be done so our government is better prepared.

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