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Oh, those cheese pubs look fabulous! Stay safe.

Colleen Taylor

I absolutely love this photo of you Lynn! You are such a beautiful woman in so many ways. Like you, I've been cooking up a storm too. I discovered a wholesale food supply company that has such wonderful fresh vegetables, fruits & all things in between. We've picked up their combo boxes at their warehouse. I couldn't believe how organized they were with the long line of cars and no contact loading in your car. The deals were too difficult to resist & so much more fresh than any store.

The next time, was a larger order which we had delivered. I had the same problem about what to do with all that food. We ended up giving some away to several neighbors. The remainder of the food was eventually used up with a number of new recipes I've discovered.

I do love to cook and bake but it does get tiring at times. Thank you for the new recipes. X


I love your expression! That's exactly how I feel during the pandemic when I can't just pop out to the grocery store for any little thing I need. I'm lost.


Lynn,your new haircut looks terrific!!You always look great,and now,even in le confinement,you have make up,earrings and a pretty blouse!(moi?ummm,better not to there)(LOL)
Thank you for these scrumptious recipes (one lucky thing is that we,too,have not suffered a shortage of veggies).All so tempting!!
I will try Ducasse's recipe for gougere.(they are beautiful!)Have been using one from Henri Paul Pellaprat(think the title of the book is The Great Book of French Cuisine.My wonderful mom gave it to us as a wedding gift,55 years ago).Maybe Ducasse's is updated(?)
A new book to enjoy!!The Book of Longings by Sue Monk Kidd(she wrote The Mermaid Chair and Secret Life of Bees).Ancient history fiction.A girl named
Ana becomes the special woman in Jesus',son of Joseph(yes,our Jesus!)life.
I honestly was afraid I might find this blasphemous,but with Sue's never failing talent it is a book that I just can't put down.

Peggy McBride

That’s too funny, I I was just making turnovers too! This is your sister (again) and I know you would think this is a little weird but I needed a quick fancy dessert last night and I had too many Talenti containers in the freezer. So, I used the last of a raspberry sorbet with a dollop of cream cheese, frozen blueberries, sliced almonds and mango-pineapple preserves plus candied ginger.
I folded over the puff pastry square, forked the edges, brushed an egg wash and voila! We ate them warm... yum! And yes, that is a good photo of you!

Elizabeth Foree

Hola from New Mexico...where everything delicious has Hatch green chilies! So why am I trying new french a pie crust made of 2 ingredients...flour and white wine (I'm going to try flat champagne). Thanks to Kristi's of French-word-a-day..belle-mare. The filling will be from Bellwether's french creme fresh+ chocolate recipe....will let you know.
Do any of your readers have recipes using Tarragon vinegar? I made my own with fresh sprigs of Tarragon and white distilled vinegar (didn't have apple cider vinegar).
Wish you were in too...Betsy

Suzanne Hurst

Hey, Lynn, I'm a bit late reading this one. I didn't know that you are back in Charleston. Temporarily? Or longer? I love your haircut. I've been afraid to go get my done, so it is as long as in college days, but surprisingly easy to manage, just not a "total" blonde, ha. Someone was telling me the other day about turnovers. It was my "SO" actually, who hates to cook, but he eats a lot of sardines, and told me about sardine turnovers. I have some puff pastry, and I think I'll try one of your ideas, or just throw in whatever I have. I'll also forward to a friend who once asked how to make meat pies. Easy, n'est-ce pas?

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