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Thanks for the recipe! And I think I can get all the ingredients from my local produce providers.

One recipe I've tried is Jaques Pepin's pizza. He used a tortilla, but I didn't have any, so I substituted lavash bread on one occasion and garlic naan on another. There's room for a lot of creativity, and it's so easy Mickey and Mindy can do it!


I make gougeres pretty often, and I think 5 eggs is probably too much.
When I make them the dough needs at most 4 eggs, and sometimes
only 3. The dough should still hold its shape when you form them.
So the number of eggs probably depends on your flour, how much it
will absorb.


Hi Lynn, How funny. My mom and Mickey must have been schoolmates! Only starting to learn to cook a couple of years ago, I now make gougeres frequently. The recipe I use says to put the dough in a bag and pipe them. However, I use a scoop for consistency. After cooking and cooling, they are placed in a plastic bag, put into the freezer, taken out, thawed and eaten at room temperature. My fave is Gruyere and bacon. Bon chance on your second attempt.

Peggy McBride

Hi, Lynn. This is your sister. And yes... it is amazing we both love to cook having a Mom who loved her Bloody Mary Bridge Club more than baking!! However... you must have left for college already by the time I learned Mom’s petite eclair secrets.
They were melt-in-your-mouth delights...actually piped from a bag (as one of your readers suggested) and though the inside WAS some strange instant pudding variety... the chocolat en haut was our Dad’s real “fudgey “ icing. I think French toast was our Mom’s only other international cuisine specialty! But yours is better!

Mary James Lawrence

i think 5 eggs is too many... I use 4 medium to 1 cup flour.....with gruyère and lots of coarse ground black pepper.

Colleen Taylor

Lynn, I actually have a recipe that is very close to the Gougères. I didn't know that was the name but my very old recipe card is just titled "Cheese Puffs." I have no idea where my recipe came from but they are always a hit & I do remember they freeze well. Thank you for the offical name of Gougères now that I will add to my recipe file.


Oh ho- I see your sister posted - but I think we were parted at birth. I know this entire story oh so well! Here's to our wonderful families that make us who we are one way or another...Amities!

Jane Williamson

One trick if your choux pastry is too stodgy, is, when they have finished baking make a little slit in the side and, with a teaspoon take out the extra, then put whatever you are making back into the oven to finish cooking the inside.
You can always cheat and buy your gougeres but I put a little cube of cheese, Comte or anything blue inside them and them warm up for serving.
It was a fabulous day here in Trivy yesterday and we had barbecued tiger prawns with walnut pesto. I found the prawns lurking at the bottom of the freezer when looking for something else.


Dear Lynn,today's post is abdolutely one of your best!
Loved being invited into your family--"meeting" your mom,hearing from your sister--and,especially,learning(again)(forgotten lessons repeated till they are learned?)the gift of admitting a boo boo,laughing at oneself--and then moving on and trying again.
Thank you for this.Puts smiles and hugs into our Moms Day.
(and thank you,too,for printing the picture and the recipe for our Burek!!)
PS your gougere cookies look yummy!!!
PS2 A beautiful book for gifting(or keeping) is Paris in Bloom by Grorgiana Lane.Complete eye candy!!

Suzanne Hurst

I have a recipe for gougeres somewhere (over the rainbow, haha). I made them once to take to a potluck, and they were a hit, but I think they are better right out of the oven. Why did you make yours into "cookies"?

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