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Carol Reed

Fascinating. Thanks! While I am in NY, I have family all over the US and would like to hope Protection works.

Doris Wolfe

Bon voyage! 🚀 We look forward to hearing about your travel experience.
Stay safe 😷


Thank you for this wonderful post. Wishing you a safe, easy return to la Belle France Lynn.

Susan McCain

Where is Betsy’s recipe for crime frâiche? I couldn’t find it. Thank you.

Thea Jarvis

Oh lovely, Lynn, and so timely! Thank you for this much-needed reflection. ❤️

Virginia A. Ward

What a lovely message today. Thank you Lynn. I hope we meet again in France soon.


Lynn,this is such an uplifting post today.And how wonderful to read about what a loving sister you have.Thank you for filling our spirits with hope and soon to be a lasting returned well being.
I am familiar with Runes,and find them to be mesmerizing.
My only thoughts on this whole thing tend to be more from a religious question:
By looking to the Runes and their messages for guidance,are we going against the faith in God's words that it is He and only He who protects us and who guides us on this journey ? That doing otherwise--looking elsewhere-- is a sin because we are not trusting Him to do so? Relinquishing our walk by faith and not by sight?

Michaela Rodeno

Safe travels! Napa friends who own a small chateau in the Auvergne are also racing back to France (where they normally spend about half the year) before the EU blocks Americans from entering. Another unwelcome consequence of poor pandemic handling by the US govt.

Carrie @ Season It Already!

Yes. But but now White Fragility is being scrutinized because it's written by a white woman when there are so many books written by black scholars. (I still think it's good to read everything one can, so it remains on my reading list.) I read So You Want to Talk About Race. (Listened to it on audio and I know I could give it a reread and still learn more.) Next up is How to be an Anti-Racist (also audio) and A Good Time for the Truth (about race in MN, where I live, published in 2016, I believe.) So much to learn, especially about myself. I'm quite overwhelmed with all I'm learning, frustrated by people who refuse to admit any racism exists; but also know that what I'm "feeling" is nothing compared to what a black person in America endures every day.

P.S. Love your little corner of the internet!

Judy Klinck

So glad you are going back to France. I know that’s where you want to be. I hope to see my son and grandson in London. When? Safe travels!

Christine Webb-Curtis

Very nice post, Lynn, and so much more meaningful when we need every extra boost we can get to get our heads in a good space. I hope you are able to arrive in France considering today’s media reports that we (as in US citizens) are not welcome. Every single day, I plan our next trip. Every single day. I think I might try the book and the stones to see if I can get closer to fruition of my plans—if only in my mind and heart. I wish you very well and look forward to hearing the next post from Beaune.

Cynthia Bogart

You never fail to make me think! Love this! We all need thing from which we can find inspiration and comfort.

SO sorry to hear you had Covid and SO happy you are good now. Hope Ron is well!

Big Hugs!

Allison (Ali) HERRON

Wonderful, Lynn. I think we need to
Learn from these. We certainly need something to help a survive this craziness.... I am having a hard time not going back to France at this time. Please kiss the ground for us! You both can be our lucky charms there. love, A

anne teichroew

Hello Lynn,
I always love your posts and this one in particular spoke to my heart. I have the same Rune book (in red) and some Rune stones I made with pebbles from a special beach. However, they do not compare to your beautiful stones made by your sister! As you have said, I also receive guidance from the stones when I ask and the response is invariably wise and spot on. And, like you, I have repicked a stone when I didn't like the reading of the first one only to pick the same one again! I am thankful for this medium which allows me to access my inner self and inner guidance.
I am so glad you have healed from your Covid journey. Wishing you a wonderful week!

Connie Rice Allen

Thanks for sharing this with all of us Lynn. I will certainly take a closer look knowing that our future is uncertain at this moment. I hope your trip was uneventful and all is well in France once again.

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