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Carol Reed

So happy for you that you are able to go back to France! We are safe in Northern NY, a fairly rural area. We have vouchers good for 2 years for our trip, which was scheduled for April and of course didn't happen. Hoping it won't take 2 years for things to calm down.

Sally Watling

Hooray - glad you are here and both looking so chic in the shields too. Keep safe in these crazy times.


So happy for your escape from “virus Hell”. Our Poitevin friends sent us a video of their daughter’s graduation from the midwife program at the university at Poitiers. She could go up on stage, take her diploma from a real human being and “faire la bise” without thinking twice. Her parents, a surgeon and a nurse, at the university hospital have been working full time throughout “le confinement” and have been fine.

Doris Wolfe

Dear Lynn,
So much fun to read about your trip.
We too crossed the Atlantic to come back to our home in Normandy on July 4th.
I was hesitant to make the trip, John who has lived in France for over 50 years was ready to go.
He was like a 17 year old going off to war in Europe as he did in 1944!
As you say, the plane was not full at all.
Wonderful service all along the way. We left from St Louis and had a three hour layover in Atlanta.
Once off the ground headed to Paris there was a beautiful full moon outside our window.
I brought my needlepoint to work on and John read....we both slept on the overnight flight.
We did have 2 meals and I used the restroom once.
We wore only masks and frequently sanitized our hands on the flight.
Flight was perfect and even arrived a little early.
Ordered a wheelchair for John and we zoomed right through immigration.
Everyone was very polite and kind.
Our chauffeur was waiting and we were back on the farm in an hour and a half (no traffic in Paris!).
It feels heavenly to be here we both are so happy we made the trip. It was worth it.
Our mayor has already paid us a visit to welcome us back and invited us to the village fair next week.
We declined as we are self quarantined.
Hopefully we will have no complications, so far so good!
😷😷Doris et John
Normandy, France

Renee Dempsey

I am so glad that you were able to get back to France - a civilized country in the truest sense of the word. A place where the citizens listen to science and care about what happens to their neighbors. Sigh. Your precautions are exactly the ones I was planning to make for an upcoming trip to see my mother in Arizona (I live in Ohio). Thanks for the affirmation! Unfortunately, 3 COVID cases were just discovered in her retirement community and everything has been shut down. I believe my trip will need to be postponed ... again. Weighing the desire/need to see my mom against the danger that I could pose is agonizing! She is safe for now with my stepfather and my sister/brother-in-law live a few houses away. I, however, live in Cleveland with my family and will be returning to my teaching job in a few short weeks. I’ll be frank - I’m terrified.

Bonnie L

You are so smart to protect yourselves. I remember reading about NBC contributor, virologist Dr Joseph Fair, who believes he contracted the virus on a crowded flight when he wore a mask but did not protect his eyes. Those visors, or goggles, together with a mask, are the way to go. Glad you are back in Beaune, look forward to more of your adventures. Be well.

Lee and Maureen

Lynn and Ron, so happy you found a way to get back to France!! Safe safe and healthy, ENJOY!!
Yes S.C. , especially Horry County, aka Myrtle Beach has become a national hotspot because of the influx of beach goers with no regard for us “at risk” folks. We are back in metro Atlanta and although there is a lots of virus around, the good behavior of most people make you feel “safer”??
But.......we MISS Sunset Beach, NC and our Intercoastal home☹️☹️

Jane Williamson

So glad you are back safely.
There has been another case at the Maison de Retraite at Mazille.
We are staying with in our small circle of friends and had a wonderful lunch in the garden with our new lady Mayor,who is my friend Chantal.
I am sure that you will be taking care over here as well, so stay safe and enjoy being back.


Well heck guys that will teach you to make a trip back to the States! In our little corner of the hexagone (Alpes-Maritimes) CV19 has all but disappeared. The statistics are so inconsequential that Nice Matin hardly publishes them any more.

My wife and I always chuckle at the look of incredulity that is raised by our answering "never" to queries about when we plan to return to the States.

Soon after we got here six years ago a well-heeled and well-traveled friend of mine passed along the avuncular words that but for an incredibly benign climate gorgeous scenery of every possible stripe charming mediaeval villages about every 10 feet the best eating and drinking on earth cheap rapid access to all of Western Europe and a lifestyle and health care system that promote longevity France wouldn't even be on the map.

Ya think?

So welcome back to the real merry old Land of Oz.D idn't you miss those baguettes?!!!

betsy foree

So glad to hear you & Ron made it back to your french nest...with cat!
Here's a wonderful book, Frederick Douglass prophet of peace by David won a pulitzer. It's a +600 pager but if you had the lousey us history class I had as a junior, it's a page turner of the 19th century.

 anne marie marquardt

I would like to know more about CDG airport. How did the débarquement go? Was the airport busy? How did you get from CDG to Beaune? What's the current mood in France? How are covid régulations and how people follow them different than in the US? What's your daily life like now? Do you feel safer in France? We had a house rental in Levernois we hope re-book when it's safe. Thank you for your articles.

Kristin Ranney

Oh how lovely to GET OTTA TOWN!!!! Not to mention give your brains a rest from all of the other viral/vile things going around here. While it will be awhile before I make it back Across The Pond, I did decide to add "petit francais" to my getting a PAPILLON!!!!! And since her mother is Russian and I name my animal children after foods or beverages, I have named her Stoli :) I get to pick her up next Saturday somewhere around New Bedford.

Natalia Radula

Lynn,so happy you,Ron,and Vino are home again!!
Wow,how different travel is now.Even though these days our journeys are of the arm chair variety,I really enjoyed experiencing yours--particularly that there is such a happy ending.
Thank you for showing us that there is some normalcy waiting,even with la confinement chez nous.

Jacky Burdett

bienvenue - glad you made it back safely - Jacky Burdett

Christine Webb-Curtis


I was hoping to see a post about your adventure after learning that you had, indeed, arrived in Beaune. There was little left to the imagination, and it was a stark reminder about the complication of travel. We won't be doing it until, as I might have said somewhere in my communication with you, someone pokes me in the arm with a vaccine. And we had planned a trip with our youngest and his fiancee for May that was postponed until after said vaccine.

Stay well, you three.


Colleen Taylor

Lynn, that's great news that you are back in France again. We are currently in "virus hell" in Arizona that doesn't seem to stop. I don't think you're a nerd with the face shields. I think it looks very cool. I'm planning on getting some for us. I do like the one with the hat, quite on trend. Stay safe & be well.

Mick McCullough

Thanks for all of the information. May I ask what sort of visas did you travel with?

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