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Jane Williamson

I remember having lunch at the Croix de Pommard over thirty years ago.
Both Catherine, our elder daughter and myself had both been diagnosed with certain food intolerances and we asked if we could have the melon with ham for our starters and just the melon for pudding. Of course.
I ordered the andouillette de Troyes and the proprietor was very wary of serving it.
I explained that I came from the North of England and we ate very similar things there.
It turned out that I was the ony english person to clean my plate.
I wonder if the restaurant is still there?
It is my birthday today and we are having Charolais Cote de Bouef, potato wedges with garlic and rosemary and courgettes all cooked on the barbecue.
The potatoes and courgettes coming from the garden of course.
So glad you are back safely and enjoying summer in Beaune and surroundings. We are in a crise here.

Ellen Hillenmeyer

What a lovely diversion on a rainy day in Cincinnati. Hoping to be freer to explore new places soon. Glad you are well.

Norma Plowman

Lovely! I want to know know you got to go to France when Americans are banned from European travel thanks to Covid. I have cancelled our Sept trip because of this. Thanks.

Don Montelle

Chérie, mille merci pour les excellente mémoires de les vignerons de Bourgogne de sud ! Montelle

Christine Webb-Curtis

Hello Lynn. Your post is a pleasure. If we can't be there in person, at least we can wander vicariously through your own meanderings. Thanks so much.


anne marie

my recent read was: MY GRAPE YEAR. Interesting story with more info. on-line about the author's life and other books she has written. The village is close to Beaune.

Connie Rice Allen

Thanks for the tour Lynn and we are so happy that you arrived healthy! The photos bring back memories of how pretty the little villages look.


Thank you,Lynn,for these wonderful pictures and descriptions of such beautiful,peaceful places.
I confess thT I am envious,-it has been so long since normalcy is the norm and enjoying life a top priority.
You really give me hope to just keep ganging in.
One day--hopefully sooner than later--we will be partaking of a glass in your honor,with huge appreciation for giving us inspiration .Till then,salut!!

Francine Martinie Chough

Bonjour les noms des vignobles sont Mercurey, Puligny Montrachet.
Merci. Would have liked to hear more about your actual arrival and trip from CDG to Beaune since Delta cancelled our flight to Geneva. Merci.

Debbie Ambrous

Lynn, you can take me wandering like this any day of the week!! Loved it! Thank you for your beautiful blog stories with photos that help me see France again. I'm happy that you can be there again and soak it up.


Sigh..... Gorgeous pics - just my style!

Colleen Taylor

Living vicariously through you with these beautiful & peaceful images Lynn. Thank you for sharing.

Delia Bourne

Lovely post and thanks for the bon addresse!

Doris Wolfe

Dear Lynn,
Doesn’t it feel good to be back in France! As always loved your blog with photos.
To answer Ellen’s question about how were we allowed to enter France?
We are American citizens and legal French residents coming back to our home.
Stay well and keep on blogging!
😷😷Doris et John

Susan Leigh Blough

Thank you for the photos and stories. We are so homesick for France, and I am so glad you got back safely home. Our only granddaughter lives north of Munich, and we usually visit twice a year- but spend weeks in France before and after. Saying that I look forward to your blogs Would be an understatement !!!

Martin Withington

Can we recommend a visit to Santenay? A very pretty village, with a lovely central square and an excellent restaurant, Le Terroir facing the magnificent fountain.

Le Terroir has an amazing wine list, with a fabulous selection of Santenay Premier Cru Whites. La Patronne is a little quirky but very pleasant. We’ve been there around nine or ten times now and haven’t been disappointed.

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