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St Gengoux is a wonderful little town and holds lots of happy memories for Helen and I.



Your articles are well-received!
Thank you for including us in your French adventure.

I noticed in this photo people are not wearing a face mask. Is COVID-19 under control in your area?

Suzanne Dunaway

Have just finished Writers and Lovers, a book I recommend to everyone. After that I will finish off the last of my Ann Tyler's, having miss two of them and now re-reading Dinner at the Homesick Cafe. After that Louise Penny's new Gamache will surface on Sept. 1st, joy of joys. Then after that, The Boy in the Field and Two Extraordinary Women. Loved the pop-up cafe but would love to know what she cooks! A lovely tradition and so wonderful to do it only 6 weeks...that would be a perfect length of time to do a summer. Thank you for the lovely story. And I am so glad to have book suggestion. I run out all the time as books for me are like chocolate truffles for others, haha.


What a lovely overview of one of the lesser known but loveliest medieval towns around us. It's so ancient and yet so comfortably lived in today. I never knew about the little cafe. What a charming history.


Wow! So many things to love about this story! I have never heard of a pop-up cafe. Sounds like she has a book waiting to be written.


This is one of the many things I love about France—perfectly beautiful little villagees too numerous to make it into any guidebooks. “Un café ephémère” typifies what my French friends call “le doceure de la vie”.

Judy Klinck

It was good to revisit St. Gengoux through your photos and see Nicole looking so chipper!


Lynn,this is absolutely charming!!Always enjoy another meeting with Nicole,and now with her friend,
Marie-Jeanne (the French have the most wonderful way with names!)Your time together in such a lovely and picturesque place absolutely takes me away and captures my imagination.What a wonderful day!!
Another book discovery is The Collector's Apprentice by B.A.Shapiro.This is the first book I have read,(and really enjoyed!) by this author(who has written others in the art genre).A real page turner with a great ending!!

Marsha Alexander

Thank you for the lovely story about 'cafe ephemere' and the charming owner who carries on the tradition...wish I were there. Loved seeing Nicole and Ron. Thank you also for going down memory lane in beautiful San Gengoux...great pictures of a wonderful medieval village. And the village cat that I must show to my new kitten Maisie named after the Maisie Dobbs books written by Jacqueline Winspear...lovely summer series about female British sleuth and spaning the two world wars. I am on book 12.

anne marie

Since I missed my vacation in France this year, I'm reading stories set in France and watching 'Meurtres en......' series set in France. Recent reads include:
Shooting at Castle Rock, Martin Walker (Dordogne)
Tales From the Hilltop, Tony Lewis (Cordes-sur-Ciel)
My Grape Year, Laura Bradbury (Côte d'Or)

Page Robertson

Grainger's The Star and the Shamrock is superb and easy reading! The sequel is The Emerald Horizon, equally as good. The 3rd is The Hard Way Home, which I anticipate being great as well, though I have not started. The subject matter of the children on Kindertransport and treatment of Jews in WW ll is sad, but they are "family stories".

Francine Martinie Chough

Hey Lynn
J’espère que vous avez passé de bonnes vacances à Annecy. Annecy me manque beaucoup. Oui St Gengoux le National (thé full name) est très joli en effet. Belle balade depuis Autun ou Beaune.
Merci de votre reportage! J’adore !!

Connie Rice Allen

Thank you Lynn for giving us a refresher on this lovely village. I have so many good memories of going to the markets and eating at the small cafes. Say hello to Nicole for me and wish her a happy birthday! (we share the same birthday)

Michaela Rodeno

OK, here's another book you all might like: Julian Barnes' The Man in the Red Coat. The cover is this mémoire's handsome hero as painted in his dressing gown by John Singer Sargent. Set in the Belle Epoque in (mostly) Paris, about (mostly) an Italian "society" surgeon and gynecologist (not above seducing his patients). Well-researched and beautifully written. Oscar Wilde, Sarah Bernhardt, and other luminaries the period included.

Suzanne Hurst

I LOVE this story. I wish I could hop a plane and visit Le Cafe, but even if I could, I couldn't. :( I am SO kicking myself for not making a second trip to France before I began to have health issues. Now I think I could do one, but...I don't mean to be a downer, but I see no quick end to our crisis.

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