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bonnie groves poppe

I feel exactly as you do, and just today was going to ask friends in the US and also research what would be the things to do and where to donate. Thanks to you, I don't have to work so hard! Really appreciate this, I'm quite tired of feeling like its doomsday all the time.
bonnie in provence

Ella Dyer


Thank you for your thoughtful blog and your efforts. After fleeing to France (arriving in my beloved Nice on the 4th of July no less) I have followed very little from American as I don't intend to return.

However, when I awoke to RBG's passing last week my blood pressure reminded me of the impact the US has on the rest of the world. What I am doing, whenever possible is sharing a program from Harvard that my husband and I attended a few years ago:, which explains the "duopoly" of the political system and how to make positive changes without changing the constitution.

I believe you will enjoy it.

Prenez soin de vous,

Jacky Burdett

dear Lyn - really essential for the whole world that Trump does not get re-elected - he's been a total disaster - so please keep up the good work X

Jane Williamson

Good for you.
Boris is facing problems from some of his influential MP's for ruling by dictat and from almost everyone for being totally ineffectual.
We have a new Tory MP in my constituency and she is on maternity leave. Her 'Senior Political Assistant' is accusing people who are critical of the Johnson government of abuse and warning them that they run the danger of being blackballed by her office.
I have written to our previous MP, who said that I am not the only one and I have tried to being this to the attention of journalists, but they are too busy with the larger stories at the moment to care about our problem.
I also found out that the UK MP's have no legal right to represent us if they so wish to and the only way we can get rid of them is by the next election, which could be never if you are in a constituency with a huge majority.
We all need to be vigilant at this time and you and all decent Americans are in our thoughts at this appallingly difficult time.
I understand that that senior Republicans have repudiated Trump's assertion that he will not leave peacefully, so that gives some hope that there will not be huge civil disruption, but the scenes we have seen of both white and black militia on our news bulletin makes us very worried for you all.
Something which I found appalling was that some young people were interviewed in UK and they did not recognise the name of the Leader of the Opposition.
What do we do to make these people, who have a vote, engage with the really serious issues of the day?
It seems that there is a large number of them who think it is their right to go out and spread Covid, just because they have been in lock-down. They don't have the nous to think that this is affecting their education, jobs and future.
Totally depressing.
I will forward your page to my UK/American friend in the next villlage.
She had a Dump Trump sticker on her car for the last election.
Now is the time for all decent people to stand up and be counted!


Hello! Another American also living in France (Nantes) here. Like you, I am appalled by what's going on in the US. Thank you for the link to Vote Forward. I will also send some letters to fellow American voters. Cheers!

Suzanne  Dunaway

Oh, how wonderful you are to give us sources for where to get this maniac out of office. But, yes, to reach those who still admire and revere a bully narcissist is till the goal. I would like to say to anyone who has benefitted from the Affordable Care Act that IT IS CALLED OBAMACARE. Many Americans do not know this. The do not know that Medicaid is a socialist program run, thank heaven, by the American government. So many of you out there would be suffering both in health and pocketbook without Obamacare and Medicaid. If Trump is elected, and if you have an existing medical condition, you will NOT have insurance to pay for your care. If you have existing insurance, you certainly can keep it, as Mr Biden is only concerned with those who have NO medical care and are suffering. If you are a woman, you will certainly suffer a possible reversal of Roe vs Wade. If you are Black, Asian, Hispanic, poor, homeless, ill, you will not have equal rights as others more fortunate. Equality is not a word in the Trump language. And neither are decency, empathy, care and concern for your neighbor, Republican OR Democrat, respect for others, better education, reform for college fees, infrastructure repair, the right to VOTE....
the list is too long for this space. And thank you again, Lynne, for pointing me to where I might help bring our States back to UNITED. This election is life or death for many of the American people. We have to work together with cooperation and caring. Or Goodbye, Miss American Pie...

Doris Wolfe

That was a good blog Lynn. We are still in France and downloaded our US ballots, filled them out and sent them back to the states yesterday. We want our votes counted...and we hope it’s a landslide victory so there are no doubts!
Merci beaucoup for all the helpful information.

Betty McManus

Dear Lyn, I so enjoy the messages of hope and beauty that you bring to us, and I must say I am so glad you survived COVID. In these dire days, I really believe we must “brighten the corner where we are” and that even the smallest acts of kindness make a difference. So thank you for your continuing blogs, they do so brighten my day. Born in the Deep South in Jim Crow times, I have seen so much change and believe we will see more. So, let’s hang on together. Bon courage.
Betty in San Diego

Lisa Asquini

I wanted to make you aware of a non-partisan site which can give you information on the candidates running for election in your community. It is called and it features information about and responses by candidates (in their own words, not by other spin machines). The site allows to to look through your entire ballot, make selections and print it out for reference. You do not have to complete the entire ballot to print it out.
I've been using this site for many years now, thanks to the League of Women Voters who are big supporters of voter education.
Remember, Democracy is NOT a SPECTATOR SPORT!


I second the Someone here in North Carolina (a VERY important state this year!) put me on to it. I am torn betweeen voting early (have my ballot here) and waiting to go to the polls. I want to actually walk in there and put my ballot in the box! This election has put all of us on edge and, combined with Covid, makes life so very difficult. Will things improve after the election (with a Biden win)? We have a long and rocky road ahead of us. VOTE!

Francine Martinie Chough

Hi Lynn
Thanks for helpIng us to be productive in this time of helplessness. I did call a few senators to flood their voicemail with infos and reasons why not to choose a replacement for RBG before the elections. I am sure it might not make too much difference but as a citizen it is my right and duty to speak out.
Going back to Obama care, before 2011 I was refused insurance because of pre existing conditions. Thank god for ACA now I can be covered for migraine treatment that can cost up to $ 25 000.00 A year, Without insurance. Hard to believe but true!! Medical care in the USA is going through the roof!!
Basically I tell everyone to vote; a lot of young people do not want to vote because they do not like either candidate.
That could become scary when the results come. We need a landslide!!
Keeping our fingers crossed!

Ned Harris

Hi, Lynn - Thanks for your suggestions, although you do appear to be left-leaning, and I'm not. So I wasn't too surprised that in your "READ reputable news sources on every side" section, you neglected to mention the Wall Street Journal, which is the only significant newspaper (and / or news outlet) that I'm aware of that does a really good job of separating news from opinion. I've given up on the liberal rags that you mention (NYT & WaPo) and also "conservative" TV, since they appear to have forgotten that there's a real difference between the two concepts.

Ditto the suggestions in your "ACT" section. It looks like you're recommending only left-leaning groups - and I'm not surprised by that - but this seems to me to limit your encouragement to "try joining a political organization", when you might have listed one or two more convervatiove groups. I'm not mentioning any specifically here - I encourage you to do some research to find them yourself, and think about what they have to say. Well, OK, maybe one - the Heritage Foundation, and read "Imprimis", from Hillsdale College (all right, that's two, but who's counting ?) 😎

Otherwise, I'm in agreement with you about what we need to be doing. Let's work to have adult conversations - no yelling, screaming, hating, or demonizing of the "other" accepted !

Best regards,

Ned Harris, Principal
The Software Quality Assurance Group
Charlotte, N.C. (U.S.A.)

Colleen Taylor

Dear Lynn, thank you for this timely and excellent blog post. I appreciate all the the political links to get involved. So far I've done what I can and I will continue. I'm not giving up hope just yet but I as many, really want this to be over, with in a positive outcome in our favor! We can't let Democracy die!

I stay very informed on almost every issue. I can still think for myself which is more than I can say for many on the opposed side.

Regarding Bye Bye Miss American Pie, my husband, a professional musician, toured with Don McLean years ago.


A suggestion for Favorite READS is Paris Part Time by Lisa Baker Morgan, who is,
as she so aptly stated, “An American citizen with a French soul.” The book was a feast for my French soul and a timely diversion from today’s chaos.


Dear Lynn,I(we)thank you for this timely and important post.Although it has been said before,I'd like to say it again:each of is entitled to our own opinion(s),and regardless of whether we are in agreement or not, each one is important--if only to ourselves.Hatred has no place here(or anywhere)and only serves only to generate more of the same.
How I miss my beautiful country tis of thee sweet land of liberty.God bless her people,all of them,and forever,God bless America.Land that I love.

Allison Herron

I just sent you an email about trying to hide from all of this! Thanks for shaking me!! I['m sure diong something about it instead of stewing in my mind is the way to go. I will help Monty write some of his letters and I always sin anything that is good to send out. Today, I read an article that said, "Maybe our way to make trump look bad is to make fun of him!" It had a very interesting explanation of how Authoritarians think they are invincible and how, if anyone notices the chink in their armor, they go crazy and made a fool of themselves. It an article by Nicholas Kristof of the NYTimes called "To tackle Trump, try mockery." I suggest everyone read it and try someway to show his chink to the world!


We all must show our activism wherever and whenever we can! We are writing letters to voters, donating to ActBlue on a monthly basis, ACLU, and individual campaigns in swing states. We are also sending emails to our representatives and calling their offices plus sending petitions to our reps via AARP mailers. We are also engaging in discussion via emails with friends on both sides which isn't always easy but necessary. We would love to be out protesting but don't want to put ourselves in that position at our age! I am hopeful that the majority of us will prevail and get our country back on the right track! Thank you Lynn for your activism and words of encouragement!

Suzanne Hurst

Just want to say that in KY, some of us are still awaiting our ballots, requested due to COVID. I sent my request on Aug. 26, and have so far been unable to contact a living human, other than via email. I'm a few blocks from the main govt. center, so if I don't get anything soon, I'll be going over there.I am watching less news because I find it repitious and stressful, but I am concerned over some of the otherwise intelligent friends I have who have bought into radical right propaganda. One of them, my best friend from high school just told me that she believes this election is a battle between the powers of darkness and light. She is a Trumper, so when I asked, which one is
Trump, she replied LIGHT. I told her I just do not understand her, to which she replied, "God's ways are not our ways..." Then she spoke about God using unlikely people to change things for the better, example the apostle Paul. I said if she really thinks God sent Trump to change the world for the better, that is insanity. :(


Thank you Lynn for keeping me from being complacent. So much swirling around in my head and finding myself trying to defend something---not always sure what-- to our french neighbors. I so appreciate your active voice.
Ballots mailed and received aux etats-unis!

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