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Tom Berry

Thanks for the plug on my blog, Lynn! I have always enjoyed writing and now that I am happily retired AND in France, I have the time and a ton of material to draw upon. I have always enjoyed your postings and hope that mine will be as appealing. I write for nothing other than the pleasure of documenting this wonderful environment, its history, and my new life here. We are so fortunate to be here - especially during this pandemic.

Doris Wolfe

Whodathunkit? Fun story and good recipe. Merci beaucoup for sharing.


I regularly make salmon burgers—a family favorite. I use my food processor to do the chopping. Like you, Lynn I use eggs but for bread crumbs I use store bought panko. I improved on my mother’s original recipe by using fresh (or frozen) salmon filets. She used canned salmon which isn’t half bad and I don’t think salmon was easily available in the upper Midwest in her day. I also use fresh dill in my burgers.

My other meatless burgers include crab cakes and a Korean pancake with scallions, zuchini, and a bit of chopped shrimp and scallops. Recipes available on request.

Christopher Tyle

Very interesting post and I thank you for the burger suggestions.

Just one slight correction - that's a 1972 Buick, not 1952.



What a delightful story! Since my mom's family is scattered all over France (there were eleven kids in all), I've seen my share of weird American tributes as well. Once we were deep in the countryside, and out of nowhere this 50s American diner popped up, complete with Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, and I don't remember the other iconic characters, in statue form. License plates lined the walls, the floor was black and white checks, and the tables and chairs and stools were that 50s red vinyl. It was a hoot! We stopped to have a drink and take pictures of such an unexpected diner.

When I was in Montpellier last winter, I was taking my 97-year-old aunt for a walk. She lives on the Place de la comedie, and there was a food truck in front of the mall. I asked the owner how to say food truck in French, and he replied, "food truck." So there you have it. This one was the standard silvery one, not a cool school bus. I was also pleasantly surprised to find French kids wearing tshirts with the image of Bob Ross on them. I knew kids in the states were having Bob Ross painting parties, but I didn't realize they were popular in France, too.

As for dual language books, Kindle has a few, and there are quite a few for children, I've discovered. I've got fairytales and Jean de la Fontanaine fables. I've also found a book of short mysteries in dual language form. I think I ordered it on Amazon. They are very hard to find as you said.

Thanks for the recipes!


Thank you Lynn,for this upbeat post!Just exactly what we all need these days!Especially enjoyed the fun burger names(!) though quite honestly your recipes definitely sound more to my taste!(as in delicious!!)
And thank you for these (all terrific)book suggestions!
One I just finished(again,) is"Little Antique Shop Under the Eiffel Tower: by Rebecca Raisin.L(she has written others in the same genre,as well,,).,Not new ,but one word describes this title, as well as the others:charming!!

Barbie Duff

Love it!! Hello to our mutual friend Heather!! 😀

Colleen Taylor

Nothing like an Elvis diner in France! Loved reading this post Lynn.

Just a little notice that we voted this week! We always receive our ballots by mail, which by the way, is a normal thing & normal way to vote. This time we dropped our ballots off at the local courthouse. So easy! I receive notification that our ballot signatures were verified & will be counted by October 20! Wooohooo!!!

Again, if you have not voted please VOTE!!!

Francine Martinie Chough

This is so funny. I do not know how they got this bus to Beaune. An expensive challenge but so cute and so appropriate as a drive-in duringCOVID.
Languedoc has a g and not a q.
Will try those burgers. They sound good with seafood!
Trying to get to VFS Site to get a visa long séjour. Is that what you have?
Thé SFO consul told us it takes a while!
Hoping to be there next fall. Keeping our fingers crossed 🤞

Delia Bourne

I wonder if its the same guy who has a yellow bus diner complete with a life size Elvis too outside of Dijon?


That it too funny, but oh so charming, and very french. I love patronizing the Americanized restaurants in France. They don't quite get it right, but it doesn't matter. The food is still better quality and tastier than anything you can get in the US.

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