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I love Burgundy and Beaune is such a beautiful town. The local hooch ain’t half bad either!

Jane Williamson

The Autumn colours in the vineyards are a lovely end to the vendange.
We are having a wonderful, but most unseasonable Autumn, here in Trivy.
Lunch outside most days.

Anne @musicandmarkets

Such lovely fall colors! The vineyards in autumn are my favorite! I'm not seeing alot of fall colors here on the Dalmatian Coast - every little glimpse of russet Virginia Creeper is a treat! This is as close as we can get to our home in France at this time - can't wait til we can return!

Anthea Dodsworth

Wonderful photos. As we were unable to have our usual Oct/Nov holiday in France, it is lovely to see the vines in their autumnal glory.

Candi Potts

Beautiful pictures, cousin!! Stay safe!! Love, Candi

Francine Martinie Chough

Thanks Lynn. Magnifique de voir Beaune à l’automne!merci!
Le château de Marguerite de Bourgogne est splendide en effet. Avez vous celui de la Rochepot? Now you can go 20km you might venture there!!
Bon reste du séjour!

Michen Denney

I've loved all your posts over the years and always experience a respite when reading each one. This one was a special "gift" in a trying time. Such lovely photos. Thank you, Lynn.

Christine Webb-Curtis

This gives us quite the taste for Beaune in the autumn. It seems to me even here in Northern California, it has been an unusually colorful autumn, though I suspect our desperation for beauty and diversion amidst the confinement and nervous anticipation for January 20 to pass uneventfully may have a lot to do with our appreciation. Thanks for the photos, Lynn, and the reminder.


Bonjour Chérie et mille merci pour votre blog ! Je me souviens beaucoup des promenades dans les vines et forêt avec tout les colors. Je voudrai regarder les blogs que vous avez dit dans cette blog. (Not sure a “blog” is feminine or masculine?)
Be safe et know you both are missed beaucoup. Happy Thanksgiving, M

Virginia A. Ward

Thank you Lynne. I needed that. We missed France so much this year. Happy holidays to you and Ron.

Lynne Rosenthal

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful fall colors in divine France! Lynne R.

Allison Herron

Ah, yes, we always stayed through the colorful vines at least before wintering for a few months in San Deigo. I do love that time of year in France - especially Burgundy. Maybe next year for us - gosh I hope. Miss you and the gang so much! Smiles, Ali


Lynn,once again your beautiful pictures take us on an arm chair journey extraordinaire.And,as well,give us reason to simply pause and give thanks to God for all the blessings we do have.Sometimes they seem to get lost and it's wonderful to fill our hearts and spirits with them again.


Merci for the beautiful photos. Are they recent?

Alix Rico

Love this post! We had a lovely Thanksgiving with one American friend. It was so tranquil! Paul and I both felt it was our best Thanksgiving in recent memory!! We walk all the time in beautiful Provence. It is amazing how simple and full life can be. We really do not need that much!! xoxo,a.

Jacki Liddell

Hi Lynn –

Have been enjoying your pix from Beaune. Thank you!

Two things here…

#1 You might remember that I had been to a festival the day I backed into the stone wall at Balleure and KNOCKED IT APART! The festival was in Beaune so I remember it well!

#2 – you mentioned recently some input from Ellen = a trick for cooking salmon. I never can seem to get it right. Will you please send me salmon details?

Joyeux Noel!

Jacki in Idaho


I can not wait to come see all of these places! Thank you as always for sharing. A small village in france thanks you too!!
Here's to a beautiful and sentimental holiday season!!

Colleen Taylor

These photos are a feast for my eyes Lynn! Goodness, are these ever gorgeous! Actually, I have not had time to be fed up with the quarantine because I've never had a busier year with my paintings and commissions! I am trying to keep up with all my special orders to ship out before the holiday deadlines. It's stressing me out! As of this moment, I have 6 or 7 to fully complete and ship out. It's getting difficult to keep it all straight anymore.

Wishing you & your husband a Joyeux Noel!

Suzanne Hurst

Your entry was written and/or posted on my birthday, November 27. I enjoyed your lovely photos of Beaune. Thank you. I'm wondering during your "confinement," are you allowed to go out in the car? Americans are so undisciplined, they won't even wear masks! This is why we are in such dire straits right now. Of course, it would have helped to have a capable and honest President, but I am daily amazed at how selfish Americans are. I just had to vent a bit. My holiday wish is, as we say in KY, "Y'all be safe now!"

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