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Tom Berry

There is nothing better than armchair travel during these difficult times. Thanks, Lynn! I was glad to read about the two routes to see interesting Burgundian chateau. I've made a note for future reference as one day I still hope to make the trip we had planned for this Fall. Stay safe!

Sandra La Pyrne

Miss Lynn!
I think it is time to share my "perfect" cup of tea - and yes, you will all gasp and frown.
My favorite Tea is Earl Grey French Blue (Bleuet Royal) by Mariage Fréres (founded in 1854).
Only Loose Tea will do. (I find that I can taste the tea bag).
AND only fresh water to a boil (never reheat the water for that second cup).
A generous portion of Organic Half N Half into my "Latte" size cup.
Heat for 31 seconds in Microwave.
Steep Tea for 3 minutes
Add 2 Teaspoons of either natural Cane sugar (la Perruche - my favorite), or Sugar In The Raw.
Et Viola! My perfect cup of morning tea.

I know that I am eliminating the Health Benefits of the Bergomote when I add "cream" (Boosts Immunity,
Weight Loss, Fights Cold, Eases Stress, Digestion etc.) But I make up for it with my afternoon Cup -
Sandi (Sandi Lou - my "Southern" name)


Love this salmon recipe. Another twist is to put an iron skillet, or I suppose any other oven proof pan, in the hot oven for 10 minutes first and then put the fish in as described for a great sear. If you're in the States you can use Panko for the breadcrumbs too. Don't know if it's available around here.
Thanks for the netflix suggestion. With this lockdown we find ourselves in front of the TV at night more than usual and a good show is always welcome. We're enjoying Emily in Paris at the moment.
Stay safe!

Claudia Sansone

Dearest Lynn,
Your blog shines light on our life outside of France. Our current escapade has taken us from Livingston,MT where we are currently living, across to Lincoln City, OR; then to Napa to see our kids and grandchildren and friends; then to Thousand Oaks (north of LA)to see our sister and finally to La Quinta adjacent to Palm Springs for the winter. Otherwise, we would be somewhere in France where we WANT to be. (We are not complaining!)
We miss you and hope to be there as soon as the doors open. A goal is to get to know you and Ron much, much better and God-willing improve my French.

Colleen Taylor

Another lovely post Lynn and I'm so delighted you took my recommendation to watch the Queen's Gambit! Such a great series and I wish it had another season but probably best to leave it where it ended. Another recommendation is Billy Crystal, 700 Sundays. It's on Amazon & HBO Max. It's been around for awhile but we watched it last night. Billy makes you belly laugh but have a tissue ready as well for the tears. It's quite long and absolutely brilliant!

Thank you for the recipe, we do love salmon.


Lynn, you have really taken our arm chair travels to a wonderful new level,and totally transported us off to wonderland.Absolutely gorgeous!WOW!!
I am allergic to fish,but these recipes are so yummy that even I am drooling.
A new book suggestion,another by B.A. Shapiro, titled The Muralist.She captured my loyalty with The Collector's Apprentice,and this one absolutely does not disappoint,especially with the ending.

Francine Martinie Chough

J’adore. Il y a aussi des châteaux en vente en Limousin pou moins d’un million d’euros. J’espère que vous allez voir le château de Couches. Magnifique!


The PBS program "Escape to the chateau illustrates the difficulties.

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