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Jane Williamson

Yes, we settled down to watch with a bottle of Cremant, Pringles, tapenade and toasted pitta breads.
What a wonderful speech.
I loved the remark that the world gave a collective sigh of relief.

Iain M Cooke

great pictures, more please!


Bonjour tout le monde,

Salut from a rare rainy day with waves almost "surf-able" sur la Côte d'Azur.

Lynn, your blog is always a delight to read and your book was a huge help as I returned to l'université de Nice for yet another course in the ever-exasperating-- mais plus jolie -- langue française.

Quick question, may one have la recette de soufflée without subscribing to the NYT?

Je vous remercie en avance et bonne fin de semaine,

Katherine Harrison-Adcock

Lynn! Yes, it was uplifting, followed by such a tremendous blitz of leadership in action in the first days. Huzzah for the next four years!

Libby Wilkie

Oh, what a truly wonderful day that was! and, combined with my first vaccine the day before, it has been a good week!!! I feel now that anything is possible. We will both have been duly vaccinated by end of February and are actually considering a trip to your hometown. Travel...what's that?

I made a cheese souffle recently and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was! Hadn't made one in years. So I will try this delicious looking one next.

Paula Hogan

There are a few remaining neighborhoods in our area that have “des boites aux lettres” attached to the house. Nearly all of them are as creative and charming as those in your photos.

Another charming feature of French buildings are unusual downspouts—usually gargoyles but sometimes other things.

Francine Martinie Chough

Hey Lynn
On a fêté l’investiture de Biden avec du foie gras comme se doit. Moins stressée aujourd’hui!
Pas possible de trouver la recette du souffle sur le NYT. Dommage! À propos Grand Marnier prend un “D” à la fin.
Quelle bonne idée les boîtes aux lettres.
J’adore Lupin avec Omar Sy. Grand succès aux US aussi!
On a réservé nos vols pour fin août 🤞🤞🤞


Lynn,SWAK right back to you!
These letter boxes are just tres charmantes! Reminds me of some beautifully written letters and then sent with all good care to the recipients.
And! Oh my goodness! Souffles! Goes straight to my heart!
Quite honestly,I have never met one I didn't like!! And seeing Pierre Franey on a recipe again is like meeting up with an old friend.I have enjoyed his cookbooks through these(now past) years.
I especially like making the souffles in individual dishes instead of one larger one.
A very favorite is my au pif cheese souffle;made pretty much in the way this Grand Marnier beauty is done,with the exception(of course)of using cheese instead of GM and buttering the dish and dusting with grated Compte.Also I used 2 egg yolks,beaten, and 3 egg whites(beaten to soft peaks).Fold together,put in dishes top with more Compte and bake till puffed.(YUM)(sending a picture of mine in a separate email)
Another cookbook of the oldie but keeper variety is Roger Verge's Vegetables in the French Style.Have never had a bad one from there and the pictures are lovely.

Karen Lewis

Since the NYT recipe is not in a current issue, we don’t have access to it. I know because I recently changed my subscription to the NYT dropping the cooking section. Can you copy/paste it into an email for us? I would love to try this. And I would like to try the version posted by Natalia in the comments.

I loved all of the mailboxes! They always catch my eye, too.

Thank you!

Lynn McBride

Thanks for alerting me to the recipe for the soufflé, which I did not realize is behind a firewall. I've posted it on the blog. Enjoy!---Lynn

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