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Julie Farrar

We got a dog at the beginning of the COVID crisis. Peanut gives us all the ritual a person can stand -- wake up at X time. Outside trips at X-Y-Z time of day. Yesterday it was 6:02 pm and still hadn't fed him, so he let me know pretty forcefully that I needed to get out of my reading chair and do something about that. LOL During nicer weather the garden work gave me even more order to my day and week.

I can't wait until humans can gather in large settings so that I can serve those cinnamon biscuits to my Thursday sewing group. Take care.

Suzanne Dunaway

Well, for quick wonderful bread, you must try my focaccia - SO EASY even kids make it all the time. I'm not selling my book, but it is from my book, No Need To Knead and you simply stir 2 cups water, 2 packages of yeast, about 3 1/2 cups flour, 1 big teaspoon salt in a bowl until the dough starts to leave the sides of the bowl. It should leave the sides easily or add a spoon of flour, but the dough is SOFT, very soft. Cover and let rise until double. DO NOT KNEAD but only POUR the risen dough with the help of a spatula or dough scraper onto an oiled pan. Push two fingers vertically into the dough and pull, making a few holes. DO NOT PUSH THE DOUGH DOWN in any way.
Heat the oven to the hotest it will get, and brush the focaccia with olive oil, sprnkle with gross salt and chopped fresh rosemary and when the oven is ready, so is your focaccia ready to bake. Place in the middle of youur oven for 10 minutes or just until golden brown. You may make smaller focaccie, make a few holes and brush them with olive oil, sprinkle with cinnamon and cassonade, and the gross salt (just a bit) and make wonderful breakfast breads.

Francine Martinie Chough

Have you tried a Roul’Pat from Demarle for all your pastry baking for your counter top! Love it.
Made Grand Marnier Soufflé for Valentine and Raspberry buttermilk heart cake. Delish!

Anne Marie

My friend Chris and I paint 5 small aquarelles of various subjects each week to share on Zoom where we converse in french and discuss whatever is on our minds. Going on week 50 of confinement, we have had lots of practice painting and speaking. We're looking forward to our future in-person weekly rendez-vous at the café when it's safe.


Thank you, Lynn, for sharing your baked egg recipe which we well remember having with you and guests a few years ago. Will try it this weekend. Cheers.


Lynn,this is heaven! Baked eggs are a favorite at our house,and thanks to you,are transported to a new (DELICIOUS) level with your Cinnamon Sugar Hearts!!
Have a terrific book to mention--Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George.Originally published in 2015,I was going through my bookcase(again!),and came across this wonderful volume (again!).Even better than I remembered and still hard to put down.
Thank you,Lynn, for mentioning my Au Pif Souffle.I am flattered(and honored)to have shared the recipe.Bon Appetit!!

Colleen Taylor

Thank you for the recipe of the biscuits Lynn. This is a keeper for sure.


Looks like we both make use of the Le Creuset oval baker. I use it for everything—cornbread, roast chicken, cinamon rolls, and-of course-baked eggs. It’s my wedding gift of choice—even when it’s not on the registry.

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