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I make sheet pan veggies a lot but never thought of sprinkling with fennel seed. It sounds delicious. I frequently sprinkle my veggies with Za’atar, a middle eastern spice mix of thyme, sumac, organo and marjoram. It should be available in Europe. I order mine from Penzey’s in the States (Precovid, I just went into their local outlet which was a cook’s paradise!).

Anne Marie

Sheet Pan Salmon recipe can use any vegetables. It's the sauce that makes it so spécial: 3 T. sésame oil, 2 T. soy sauce, 1 T. rice vinegar, 1 T. honey, 2 in. piece grated ginger, 1 chopped garlic clove. Use 1 T. sésame oil on salmon.
425 dégrées, cook veggies 5+ min. Move to edges, put fish in center, add a little sauce, cook 12+ min. Spoon sauce over all. Delicious.

Bonnie L

This made me laugh, Lynn, remembering our first foray into a French hypermarché. We moored our rental barge in Auxerre and walked to a nearby Leclerc. There were parking garages on the top two floors of the market with escalators that brought your grocery cart up. (This was 2000, before Target would replicate these escalators in the US.) There were independent shops in the lobby: jewelry, pizza, flowers, et al. We overbought as we had two hungry teenagers to feed and were totally unaware we had to bag our own groceries! It truly was a comedy of errors! I could easily have spent the entire day there wandering the aisles...fascinating!

I’m also a fan of 10%, sorry to see it’s come to an end. In the US you can adjust the playback speed on Netflix, making it easier to catch the French dialogue. I slow it down to helps.


My gosh,Lynn,Carrefour is nearly unbelieveable!Quite honestly,I get tired even imaging traversing my way around there,especially not having a clue as to where things are located!(trail of bread crumbs,anyone??)
This sheet pan dinner sounds like heaven(YUM!!!!)
What's really appealing is that I usually have most of these ingredients on hand,and if not all of them,able to substitute what I do have.
How does it get more perfect?
Am so happy to share my Au Pif Souffle Recipe!!Hope you will enjoy and that it turns out perfectly!(PS I don't like my desserts too sweet)
Preheat oven to 450
Grease two individual souffle dishes: tap in some granulated sugar and coat bottom and sides
2 egg yolks,room temperature,beaten with 1/4 cup granulated sugar and one tablespoon Grand Marnier
3 egg whites,room temperature,beaten till stiff(my secret for really stiff whites is to add just a pinch of Cream of Tartar)When whites nearly done,beat in 1/2 tsp sugar
I prefer to fold egg whites into yolks,being careful not to deflate the whites
Carefully spoon into the prepared dishes.Place on baking sheet.
I bake on center rack in oven for 10-12 minutes
Serve immediately
If desired,can accompany with some Grand Marnier in a liqeur glass


Is there a similar dish in France, and if so, what is it's name in French?

Colleen Taylor

That super duper shopping center looks exhausting Lynn but I do think I might enjoy it on roller skates. Your recipe looks like a winner.

We wear our masks religiously. Getting our shots here in Arizona is nearly impossible. It's ridiculous in fact. We've been online for weeks & can't get a single appointment. The system is messed up. I suspect they ran out of the vaccine. I'm so frustrated that I can't even begin to tell you.


I loved this post! I had my first experience of Carrefour in Dubai in 2019! I could not believe the aisles and rows of different cuisine from so many countries around the world. The mounds of spices mile high to inhale and wonder at before buying! Got my stash of sumac, za'atar, saffron to bring back home. Their baby clothes were of such great quality too! My DIL favourite store!

Christine Webb-Curtis

On our first foray into a Carrefour, I felt like a kid in a candy shop. We head there as soon as we get settled on each trip to stock up on the things we didn't want to pack. I still feel a little thrill the first time in. When we were in France with a good friend (who speaks absolutely no French), one of us wandered away from the other (probably me) and she was in quite a panic. We reconnected, of course, but not until we were all a frazzle. We were more careful after that. When we're in France around Christmas, I'm always amused by the pallets piled with oysters--not that I'd ever eat oysters that had been sitting in the middle of the aisle for who knows how long. This morning, I entered a Safeway for my first Covid vaccine. First time in a supermarket in over ten months! Fun post, Lynn. Thanks. By the way, Trader Joe's sells Za'atar for those of you who have a TJ nearby. Yum.

Karen Lewis

Paula, thanks for the use of the Za’tar! I got a packet from Penzey’s during one of his promotions and it’s sitting on the counter as I’ve tried to figure out how to use it! Thank you.

susan vieth

They are crazy spaces! I try to limit my big store adventures to three or four times a year. But dang once I'm in there.....
I am always surprised how visitors love a wander and notice good things that I tend to rush by. Good local things!
----and it takes two watchings to catch half of what they are babbling on Dix Pour Cent. good fun though

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