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Barney Lehrer

Good post! Actually there are many online wine tastings going on, especially on Instagram.

Jane Williamson

You always start with the lightest wine first, so even though you might prefer a more robust wine try a lighter one first.
You never know, you might be surprised.

Jane Williamson

I have looked at the book and there is another one called Nightmare in Burgundy centred around Beaune.

Francine Martinie Chough

Great report! Very thorough as everything you do! The Alliance Francaise of Portland is doing several wine tastings virtually sometimes along with my regional cooking classes! Thanks for educating everyone not familiar with wine tastings in France!!


Lynn, this post(as are all of your posts!!) is just a wealth of help and information.(Thank You!)I especially liked your suggestion about buying a bottle or two because it is a wine tasting and not a free happy hour.Particularly in light of helping the mom and pop (or whoever)is putting it on.During these challenging times you have hit on a really worthwhile suggestion.
Was dismayed to learn of your serious lockdown.
At this point can only hope things will get back to normal again-- and tighten our resolve till they do.


Oh, what we have learned in 20 years! But are you not in the region now of paying degustations?
Certainly in the Cote Challonaise or Macconaise or even Beaujolais? Gosh, having been gone for a couple of years, maybe one has to pay there now? Though I have always loved the differences in all the regions and sizes of the viticultures. Hope you can enjoy them all soon!

Sandra McHugh

I always enjoy your posts. I particularly enjoyed this one as I have attended wine tastings. A good reminder to buy a couple of bottles. Thank you.



Great post! It was spot on with what my husband and I learned at our first wine tasting in France several years ago. The sommelier was very patient and kind. I recommend the book “Into Wine” by Olivier Magny. It’s a fun, interesting, and informative read. You’ll learn about wine from the ground up! It’s a great read even if you already know about how wine is produced.

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