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Oh I am so excited to continue that tradition at Moulin des Fleurs! It will take years, but I’ve already selected a pallet of cool pastels. I’m adding hydrangeas to my list. Do you have any other recommendations for flowering perennials that grow well in the region? Lavender, roses, hydrangeas, camellias, peonies, bulbs, what others can you recommend? Thank you for posting the glorious photos!

Frankl Levin

Thanks for the floral episode. Our first fourteen trips to France were all in June since we were marshals at the LeMans 24 hour race. French gardens were all in spectacular bloom while ours here in Oregon were not yet at their peak when we left. I was suffused with garden envy during my French travels and did my best to emulate, on my return home, the sorts of things you showed. Now we go to France in the autumn when the spectacle of growing things presents a different face and a different color range and I am able to see my own garden at the peak. I think after all these years I have almost gotten over my garden envy. When I look at the roses climbing up the wires on my house (using tensioners from Gamm Vert) after twenty years of growth I am so grateful for the inspiration of my travels in France. You post awakened those feelings again. An in a few days it will be June. Bring it on! Thanks. Now if the damned virus would go away we could get on with it.

Francine Martinie Chough

Hi Lynn
These are beautiful!
You should check Annecy flowers along the canals and the flowers on the chalets of La Clusaz. A delight for the eyes!

Christine Webb-Curtis

So typically French--along with the roundabouts in your post of a while ago. It's part of what makes France so pleasurable. I long to plan a trip. My French-speaking friend and I re-read Le Petit Prince months ago. Each read gives me a new appreciation for the book. Thanks for the lift, Lynn.


Peggy McBride

I wish you would do a photo tour of some of the (former) charming southern (US) gardens you created long ago! Those small courtyard designs would rival any in your (lovely) recent tour. You have inspired me to try my hand at gardening (although you definitely have the green thumb). Mine is a bit more “go native in the woods” style but I do often ask myself WWLD?
Your sister, Peggy

Debbie Ambrous

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Just what I needed. Why do the flowers grow so much more lush in France, compared to my garden world in Alabama? I will be thankful for what I have and that I have experienced basically all that is shown in your photos. With each photo I thought, I know just where that is! I admired the same spot and have photos as well. Enjoy your weekend and thanks again!

Virginia A. Ward

Hello Lynn, I get so wistful for France when your posts arrive. I too have marveled at the beauty of French flowers and gardens and must have thousands of photos of them . We will happily return to Vaison la Romaine in July this year. Perhaps we can share some rosé in a garden somewhere. Hi to Ron.


Lynn, these pictures are nothing short of magic--and!just have totally captured my imagination and carried me away.
You are a terrific photographer!
What a treat!!THANK YOU!!
We also studied Le Petit Prince(which was and remains a favorite).Another one (from childhood),Babar; my parents used this as a bedtime story (and as it turned out, a teaching tool as well.)
One last book to suggest(and then am taking a break!!!) The Paris Apartment by Kelly Bowen.This is wonderful!!

Ian lambert

My wife says one word, STYLE. The flowers is one of the many things we miss from France.

susan vieth

Ready or not here it comes - flowers flowers flowers! Hope you are surrounded by all the beauty fo France in these spring months. Enjoy a bit of freedom!

Colleen Taylor

What a breath of fresh air & flowers Lynn! My geraniums are now beginning to struggle with the heat of our summer being here now. Thank you for the happy colors!


Thank you for the lovely compliment, Lynn. This was a beautiful post!

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