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Jane Williamson

A tip for adding garlic to recipes.
Skin and crush the garlic cloves and then, using the back of a large knife, cream the garlic with some salt.
This gives a creamy paste and no one will get annoying bits of garlic in their food.
Don't use too much salt to upset the quantity in your recipe.

Doris Wolfe

Merci, diner ce soir!


This sounds yummy, but did I miss the part about when to add the thawed spinach?

Page Robertson

Great recipe! You might add that it is good to squeeze liquid out of the spinach and your choice of where to add to the mixture. I do have good luck with adding chopped sun-dried tomatoes with spinach or substituting chopped broccoli.


Lynn,this is absolutely wonderful!
I confess that I have never met a souffle I didn't like(!) and wow(!) this recipe has descended from heaven!
(dear lady,is there anything that you cannot make and conquer???!!!)
It was so good to see beautiful Audrey Hepburn again,particularly in such an unforgettable (and favorite!)role.
Another book to suggest:The Woman With The Blue Star by Pam Jenoff.She has transported us away several times before(very recently The Lost Girls of Paris)
Has a magic touch for taking a subject which under other writers might leave you feeling dismal,and made it into something with an ending that makes you glad you read it


Invest in a garlic press to turn garlic into a paste. I use mine all the time especially when I make a vinagrette. They are relatively inexpensive but I bought the “top of the line” from Sur la Table for abouut $50. It was worth it for me because I use it so much.

This recipe looks fabulous. I can’t wait to try it when I finally have my girlfriends over for a ladies lunch.


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