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Frank Levin

We are hoping for the South of France in October. We have put off so many travel schedules that I have lost track, but if things continue as they are this one looks good. We have talked about going if there are no restrictions and hopefully no test needed by that time to come or go. We had our jabs long ago and in ten days we are having our family Christmas party. If this travel works we will probably be in France for about a month making up for lost time. We will more than likely drive from Paris so a Beaune stop could be in order. We had also planned for another narrowboat adventure in England in September, but things in the UK look doubtful and may move that plan to the spring. In the meantime we will just watch the garden grow and if things continue as they are I will be freezing a lot of tomato sauce. Blueberries will be happening in another week.

Tom Berry

Yes, confinement has been tough. And with restaurants closed since October reopening their interiors this week, it feels glorious. I feel grateful to have been ensconced in my quiet village of the western Languedoc with glorious views of the Pyrénées. There really couldn’t have been a better place to be during the lockdown with its tranquility and being relatively free of COVID. Like you, next month I will make my way east to visit my friend Jennifer in Nice for her birthday. We are going to do a road trip to Genoa, Milan, Lake Como, Lugano, Lake Maggiore and Torino before heading back to Nice. Then, at the end of July, God willing I will make my way to the US for my mother’s 96th birthday in Florida and to see my sister and her family in Atlanta. Freedom feels great! In the meantime I have making Cherry jam since they are in season. I have added a bit of lavender and yum!

Nancy Armstrong

Hi Lynne,
Thanks for the beautiful pictures! Just a guess, but I think the purple flower is an Allamanda. We are planning and hoping for a trip next Spring with our three granddaughters for their first trip to Europe…. London, Paris, Amsterdam. It is so wonderful to feel a bit of normalcy returning.


That flower could also be a Thunbergia battiscombei, not sure.

The purple vine might be a Solanum. Not sure but it looks similar!
It's been 18 months since I've seen daughter who lives in U.K. It is hard. I have reservation to go next month but am going to cancel. The U.K. has such tight restrictions for us and don't even want to see any vaccine certificates! Trying for September...... It's been a long, long year.

Virginia A. Ward

Hi Lynn,
We’re coming to Provence in late July. Perhaps we can have a reunion. Great photos of a place that also offers us great memories. Hi to Ron.
Virginia and Casey

Ella Dyer

Bonjour à tous,

Thank you for the lovely photos; I live in Nice and still found myself drooling at nearby areas for which I've not been able to visit in a bit.

If you all are here next week, my Georgia Tech hubby and I will be en terrasse so join us for "un verre"!

Bonne fin de semaine à tous,


How beautiful--and so much more fun to look at than my father-in-law's vacation slide shows! We will be spending a week in Montpellier in July, a reconnaissance trip preparing for our move next spring, and we can't wait to see the sights. We visited Beaune on our first trip to France, in 1991, and look forward to seeing it again next year. We started traveling full-time last October, spending a month at a time in various places in the US, and we've loved the flowers (especially the roses) in Santa Rosa, CA and Portland, OR. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures!

Kathie R Kerler

Love the photos. They are so reminiscent of my visits to Nice and Monaco. I, too, have booked the same trip four times--to St. Lucia. Almost can't believe the fourth time will be the charm.

Allison Herron

Great pics of the flowers. In San Diego, there are tons also. I'm working on getting some in my garden! I remember fondly our visit to the mansion on the Cape Ferrat.

Gail Wendorf

Hi Lynne,
Thank you so much for posting the photos! It is inspiring....I need to return to Scotland and France (which part???), to paint this Sept/Oct, but am so reluctant to even book a flight until it feels MORE normal! It's so nice to see more normalcy there!

Aryn Weinberg

Wonderful photos Lynn! Our list of excisions from the mill is growing thanks to your glorious posts! The blue flower is a thunbergia laurifolia. Looking forward to lunch in Beaune with you 😊

Francine Martinie Chough

bonjour Lynn,

J'espere aller a Annecy en septembre et octobre. Vos photos sont splendides. J'adore Villefranche! Avez vous visite Eze Village? Une beaute et la vue sur la Mediterranee est imprenable. Espere qu'on pourra se connecter en France a l'automne!
Desolee, cet ordi ne fait pas les accents! Zut alors!

Beverly Hoeksema

Hi Lynn. Pictures are beautiful. Enjoy your travels. We will look forward to getting together in the states whenever you will be here. We traveled back to Michigan to see family and friends. Now back in Florida we are enjoying the company of people we haven't been able to be with because of the pandemic. Just enjoying the beauty around us. We were in St. Petersburg last week remembering the fun we had together. Stay well. And, Happy Father's Day to Ron.


HI Lynn,
You really captured the spirit of the area. They are all beautiful photos. That fisherman looks like he didn't make the jump. Did he? Burgundy is not too bad now either so don't fret about returning. I 'll send you some pics. See you soon!


Lynn,thank you for these gorgeous pictures!
They absolutely make us happily embrace the end of confinement(at last!!)
Know you both are enjoying a long-awaited (and much deserved!) vacance!!
Thank you, too, for the tip about Kristi and Jean Marc Espinesse's book,The Lost Gardens.I finished it and found it wonderful, entertaining, and (!) written from their hearts.
Many(many!) years ago, through her blog,it was Kristi who first introduced me to you and your always terrific SFF!
I have so fortunate to be part of such uplifting and always entertaining blogs-- and most of all, the women who write them!!

Colleen Taylor

All of these gorgeous photos are eye candy for my soul Lynn. All just breathtaking. Enjoy your fabulous trip.

susan vieth

Well- I can tell you are happy to be free too!!

bonnie groves poppe

Hi, great pics, wish I was there. Its been too hot here near Carpentras! The vine may be thunbergia grandiflora, I grew it in San Diego. It isn't frost tolerant. Gorgeous.
bonnie in provence

Debby Woods

Never get tired of photos from Cap Ferrat or VFsMer...they are lovely. Have not been to my apt in VF since the pandemic and hope to get there soon. Debby

marilyn watkins

I have been enjoying your blog for several years. So happy you got through your covid ordeal when you were in the US! Now is the time to celebrate, and your trip to south of France was perfect timing. My husband and I are planning to visit Dijon in addition to Villefranche sur Mer area in September and October. We have not been to Dijon area and I'm hoping you might recommend a hotel there in addition to any sights we should see. Merci!

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