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Franklin Q Levin

I am curious if they will accept our USA vaccination cards if we travel to France in late September.

Barney Lehrer

We flew into Paris from the US a few days ago. All the passport control wanted to see was our passports and CDC vaccination cards. No problem. There is talk now about pharmacies being able to set up the US cards on the French Pass Sanitaire. We going to talk to our local pharmacist about it.


I saw the protests by the French claiming they are living in a dictatorship ( because of this mandate) and my friends have sent me the jokes circulating about this absurd claim, one showing the North Korean leader laughing with his generals about the French living under a dictatorship.
The US couldn’t even hope to adopt such a reasonable approach. Many Businesses are too chicken and our government leaders thrive on partisan divide so they actually add to the problem. Fox News calls the world’s greatest expert Dr Fauci names and scoffs at the vaccine. When you think that a good 50% of Americans listen only to Fox you see the problem.
I applaud the French Maybe it’s because of the sheer size of our country but I can’t see this country following such a rationale and smart solution to these anti-vacers. Honestly it’s depressing.

Patricia Flournoy

Biden should do the same...
All things being equal...we leave on Tuesday...See you Wednesday
A bientot, Patty

Jane Williamson

They are having the pass sanitaire in Italy too.
Why should we who have been vaccinated put ourselves at risk because others cannot be bothered or are either too lazy or too stupid to get vaccinated.

Dale Spann

100% agree with Jane W

Christine Webb-Curtis

C’est une rêve, Lynn. If only here in the US. . . We are still extremely cautious. No restaurants, no stores (except one supermarket only a few times recently). We buy supplies contactless. And just when we thought it was waning, up popped the Delta and then the next variant. I did finally have a person to person visit with my French-speaking friend on her patio (also follows you, bien sûre). But we’re weary—as is the rest of the world for sure. Soldier on, Monsieur le Président. Stay well.

Francine Martinie Chough

Chère Lynn
Très justes remarques sur Macron. Ça ne risque pas d’arriver aux USA ça serait considéré comme discrimination! Ah ah!
Hôtel sur Dijon les hôtels logis est une bonne chaîne d’hôtels celui qui est sur le parc de la Colombiere est super. Voilà! On croise les doigts pour septembre. Espère vous voir peut être en octobre?? Francine


As always, I applaud you Lynn for your creativity and civil honesty in all matters. I, too, think Mr. Macron is a wonderful leader and wish our country could be more like France in health care, civility, friendliness and honesty. Bravo!!!


That is GREAT!! Oh yes, we wish we we could do that in the USA...

Colleen Taylor

I admire him from afar. I've liked him from the beginning. I wish it could be that way here. I hope you are doing well Lynn. X


Lynn, thank you for your insight, and always, your objectivity.
Everything changes and(sigh) nothing changes fast enough
We just have to keep moving,(hopefully forward)
and counting on improvement.
I am determined to let optimism prevail.
I am seventy five, and at my stage of the game ,there are definitely more days behind than ahead.Every morning, noon and night I tell myself to make each one count.


Hi Lynn:
Great insight, thank you. It's been a tough road for everyone, and the answers are not easy. Your point about the French being more holistic in their approach to healthcare rings true, and makes sense. Yes, appealing to their desire to return to somewhat normal life is fine, but coersion is not, under any circumstances.

I must take exception to the comment about the non-vaccinated being stupid and/or lazy. There are any number of legitimate reasons for someone not being jabbed, NONE of which have to do with being "anti-vax" or watching Fox news (other comment). We are neither, and have so far not got the shot. For my husband, who had a very bad reaction to the last vaccine he took, this is a serious consideration, which we do not take lightly. Another friend with MS has been advised by her neurologist not to get the shot. We have not, nor will not, put anyone else at risk no matter what, and our behaviour reflects that. The fact that not everyone behaves responsibly is the real issue, and that is human nature. But why should we be punished/discrimiated against/called stupid or selfish?

Anyone who thinks that forcing people to accept a procedure that may be harmful to them in order to "protect others" should think twice about how many ways that practice and rationale can be misused and abused. Thankfully it will never happen in the US, nor should it. If you're OK with being forbidden to participate in "normal" activities unless and until you comply, then you should move to France or Italy or one of other countries.

Looking back to the 1918 Flu pandemic tells us that we've not progressed very much, that pandemics do and will continue to occur, and that we will likely be living with covid in some form going forward, just like the ever-changing annual flu, for which there is still not a wholly effective shot. The best prevention is spotting it when it hits and reacting swiftly, early and with all the necessary resources. We've proved we can do that with SARS and with Ebola. Nearly every country missed the boat on this one, and we can only hope this lesson is never, ever forgot.

Wishing everyone good health, safe travels, and understanding for others.


Thank you, Laura, for your respectful comment, unlike most others above. My husband and I have not been vaccinated either and it is not for selfish reasons, nor are we stupid! A very close family friend with ALS has been advised not to get the shot. His doctor truly believes that a flu vaccine he received is a contributor to his condition now.

I am not a believer in big pharma and adding chemicals and/or foreign elements into my body for any reason if at all avoidable. I do not trust that this vaccine has been proven as it is way too new. This is only my opinion though. I don't even like to take a Tylenol for a headache. If I get a cold, I take herbal and/or homeopathic remedies that are natural as opposed to more chemicals that very often cause other issues down the road.

I would never condemn anyone who has opted to get the shot, nor anyone that decides not to. It is everyone's choice whether to be vaccinated or not. I have many family and friends that are on opposite end of the spectrum, and I wholeheartedly stand behind their decisions. It's a shame that some people cannot respect others for doing what they feel is best.

Hoping the world will get through this with kindness and respect for all. Cheers to good health for all!

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