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Jane Williamson

Lynn, I am so sorry that you have the awful long Covid and can't enjoy your glass of wine.
Your recipes sound wonderful, but, unfortunately, I cannot drink raw citrus and that includes pineapple without unwanted consequences.
Have one for me!

Tom Berry

So sorry to hear about your ongoing struggles with COVID. No fun! I hope the end is in sight soon as our health is an invaluable gift.

Nancy Armstrong

Hi Lynn,
So sorry to hear about your long Covid. Maybe I missed one of your posts……. Is this from your original infection early last year or a recent re-infection?
Nancy Armstrong


I’m so sorry you have to endure the suffering of long COVID. I had no idea! You looked fabulous when we saw you! I completely agree with your assessment of the unvaccinated, especially as a mother of two children who are too young to get the vaccine yet. Those selfish people are endangering my children, so I can not forgive their stupidity, whether it be fueled by misinformation or just plain obstinance, Pediatric ICU beds are filling up fast in the states. Unless you have a valid medical reason for not doing so, not getting vaccinated is just selfish and cruel and unpatriotic at this point 😠

John A Sanders

Tonic water over ice with a lime wedge has been my favorite non-alcoholic drink for years. But I always refer to it as "gin and tonic with no gin" which occasionally amuses the bartender.


Lynn,am so sorry that Covid is still present in your life.Please know that I keep you uppermost in my prayers and just send every most positive wish for complete healing.
These mocktails sound delicious and perfectly suited for these June,July,and August days.
It's been an extrememly hot summer here in the desert,and the last beverage on my boisson wish list is something filled with alcohol (which for sure would knock me for a loop!)
Sending hugs and love

Libby Wilkie

I just looked at Amazon for the Ritual Alternatives. Hmmm. Many, very negative reviews! Have you actually tried it? I don't want to get a huge bottle of it if it might be as bad as the one-star reviewers say. Great idea but.... I tried two of the Seedlip flavors months ago and really did not care for them (after hearing rave reviews.) Well, it's all very personal isn't it?

Bonnie L

As I ease into, or fall over the cliff into old age my new meds aren’t alcohol compatible. I can’t wait to try your alternative cocktail recipes. And a big thank you for the ginger juice recipe, it sounds fabulous. Hope you are feeling better real soon.

Jacky Burdett

dear Lynn - so sorry to hear of your long-covid - not to mention your difficulty drinking wine ! so agree about the necessity of vaccination - hoping for a booster very soon - take very good care of yourself - love X

Colleen Taylor

These mocktails all look like keepers for sure Lynn. I'm sorry to hear you still have long Covid. Unfortunately, I'm right up there or perhaps down there with you. No taste and or smell yet for me either. Occasionally, I'll detect something but it is fast fleeting.
Thank you for sharing these drinks.

Suzanne Hurst

I'm sorry, Lynn, to hear that you have first hand experience with COVID. So far my copain and I have remained safe. I do have high blood pressure, and though it is mostly controlled, I have flare-ups, and when I do, alcohol makes it worse. So I will save the mocktail recipes. Merci. I've never really liked tonic water, but perhaps a premium one would be better. I used to think it gave me headaches. Please continue to get well!

Chris Ellibee


Thank you for the shout out to EuropeanMarket and the wonderful RedMaps. Our customers love them. And, we'll all hoping to do more traveling in 2022.
We appreciate your kindness and support.
Hope all is well. Take care!

Chris and Sue

Deborah Woods

Please get well soon! Do everything you can and remember--wine will always be waiting for you...France will not run out!

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