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Martin Withington

Can’t wait to try this recipe for potato salad . It sounds incredible!

Have you tried the Austrian version? It’s potato salad but not as we know it Jim!

We had a long weekend in Vienna a few years ago and this dish is the classic accompaniment to Wiener Schnitzel.

If you haven’t tried it, it’s very different from a normal potato salad but very, very good. See;


I've never seen potato salad on any French restaurant menu. However, I do know they will eat anything with mayo (yech!). As for me, I'll be happy to eat anything off of a French menu -- possibly even sweetbreads -- when I get back. Fingers crossed they don't close the boarders before the first week of October. Haven't seen my apartment since October 2019 *sob*


I'll look for that new Martin Walker book. Fun. Your potato salad sounds wonderful. I like vinegar a lot and use it often but never as is done in this recipe. My father and youngest brother never liked vinegar. Fortunately, my own children do as vinaigrette on whatever is available is pretty common on the dining table--and always when they come to dinner.

Stay well, Lynn.



Another inspiring and creative post,Lynn!
Thank you!
I especially admire your recycling ability, though I have to admit that chez nous, an enthusiastic reception is not guaranteed!!( :)
Your potato salad recipe is sheer heaven!!
And I also agree with Martin about the Viennese style(especially accompanying Wiener Schnitzel(yum!!) Years ago on one of our trips there, I bought a charming little cookbook "Viennese Cooking For You"( dedicated to the author's then yet to be daughter in law.) , It included potato salad, strudels, and a bunch of really inviting things to partake!! I am now immediately on a quest to find where I saved it!!

Lee McAninch

The method is similar to what I learned from my mother-in-law. She would put the cooked and cut up potatoes in a bowl and douse it with dill pickle juice, toss them around, and them let them sit before putting together the salad. I've made it this way for over 45 yers now, and think of her with love each time!

Ann Pickett

Thank you very much for sharing. Just put a smile on my face .

Anne Daigle

Sounds like our family. potato salad. credit to my mother-in-law, a Cajun from Lafayette, La.

Ian lambert

My wife is excellent at recycling food. A left over baby spinach, pine nut, feta and pumpkin salad become a vegetable lasagne regularly.

Never a leftover is wasted.

susan vieth

Ha - I'd love to enter this challenge. When I walk with my neighbor she brags of all the little things she has finished up that week. Sometimes I tag along on her ideas and other times I just have to cave in and shamefully take over my left overs to her chickens. She caste an eye over what she feels is way to gourmet for her chicks.
Thanks as always!!

Colleen Taylor

Thank you Lynn for the well wishes. Overall I'm ok, however, the lack of taste & smell is no where to be found. Hopefully one day. X

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