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Your old neighborhood is like the “Hotel California”—You can check out anytime but you can never leave.


Lynn,you have once again totally captured my imagination with today's post!Not to even mention being accompanied by such fantastic photos!Wow!! Does OH LA LA!!!! sound perfect? Please know that all of us arm chair travelers are now drifting off to nirvana!
Also appreciate the wonderful book suggestions( I am looking forward to enjoying!)
And!Speaking of wonderful books, Emily Dilling's gorgeous "My Paris Market Cookbook" (a copy of which I am very privileged to own,thanks to you,Lynn,and also to Emily!) has been selected as a favorite book by Rebecca Plotnick in her blog,"Everyday Parisian". So very well deserved!Every recipe is a keeper!!!

Bonnie Groves Poppe

What a great little hameau, love the sheep. Here near Carpentras we had a couple of hundred come through, with 3 dogs and several goats, pausing in the vines to do some cleanup. They had to have come on several rather big roads, I think. One of my favorite French roadsigns is a triangle with a drawing of a sheep, and the word "troopeau". Beware of the sheep .....
bonnie in provence

Julie Farrar

Thanks for this story of your street. I know I've taken a gazillion photos of my street in Dijon, but I've been very remiss about recording the ebb and flow in words. I'll start when I get back there.

Suzanne Hurst

Your petit village, Vineuse, looks and sounds absolutely magical in your lovely photos, and equally lovely words. Merci beaucoup for a look at a lifestyle that many, or most, of us have never experienced. Thanks for the info on the book too. Charleston is a place that I missed on a vacation when unluckily I contracted strep throat. Savannah is another. I did get to Savannah, but have always regretted the missed opportunity to see Charleston. Southern Fried French always brightens my inbox, but even more so in "the age of Covid," because I am mostly holed up at home. At least I live in beautiful Old Louisville. Stay safe en France...Suzanne

Colleen Taylor

Lynn, your post is such a delight to read & those photos are stunning. I especially love the fall scene, truly paint worthy! X


Chérie, how many times did I park my old Toyota outside that gate? Thanks for sharing your loving souvenirs of your delightful village. Our time there with you and Ron, Jean Marie and Marion are set in the happiest parts of our minds!!! Love, M and A

Allison Herron

Was it all a dream?? I hope not! I need to get back to see for myself. I also have those lovely memories. Miss you. Ali

Connie Rice Allen

Oh Lynn, thanks for sharing the photos of your beautiful village! We were so fortunate to have some time there with you and Ron. I loved seeing the picture of Gerard, Marja, Marion and Jean Marie. I think of Marion often when I look at the painting she did for me which Bruce bought as a wedding anniversary gift when we were there last. I sure do miss being there and having such wonderful times with everyone.

Claudia Sansone

Dearest Lynn,

I am sitting in our home in Livingston, Montana with 6 inches of snow. I am green with envy of your choice of life. I only pray that one day we can be back in wonderful France.

I love your French words of wisdom.

Big hugs,

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