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Jane Williamson

I am certain that this amount of brine is for restaurant use and if you are only cooking one chicken decrease the amount accordingly.
Looking at the picture, I am reminded of how long it was since we were in Brantome.

Cynthia Bogart

I am in the Eliane school - I do a simple chicken and let the taste shine through. I do that with my chicken soup as well, just water and the remains of the roast chicken, bones, fat and all and I let it simmer for hours. The BEST stock! HOWEVER, the other recipes now have me intrigued and I am putting them in my recipe file and will try once we find a house to buy! (Still living with my son and daughter-in-law while house hunting!) Cheers - thanks for this wonderful start to my day, Lynn!

Ann Pollack

That loosening the skin over the breast is what I do with a turkey. We like LOTS of stuffing/dressing, so I put the uncooked stuffing - which is quite moist already per my grandmother's style - into those pockets. Looks like the turkey is wearing falsies when it comes out of the oven, but surely seasons that meat underneath. I also do it with the thighs if I can get in that space as well.

Bonnie Groves Poppe

OMG, I'm in your blog! I started reading your comment and wondered who this person was until I got halfway thru and realized it was moi!


Lynn,I am totally with you in NEVER buying factory farmed chicken--or any other animal,for that matter.As I've aged,I find a lot of flesh--paticularly pork--just won't go down my throat.Maybe my body is agreeing with my heart and mind.
The stuffings from Nicole,and from Rudy ,sound like heaven.
So looking forward to trying both of them!!
Thank you!!


My goodness - what a recipe! You know I'm in your mother's school so it is way too complicated for me. Besides. Monty hates to eat chicken off of the bone. We do miss everyone there so very much!

Rollin Hill

Several years ago I found this recipe by Marsella Hazan in "Food & Wine" magazine. It has become our favorite. Very simple - a chicken and two lemons.


Your recipe is - no doubt - magnifique and your brining technique extremely effective. However, I lack the patience and refridgerator space to brine a chicken any other way than to rub it with salt and put it in the fridge uncovered over night. I have tried to bring myself to roast chicken any other way than the recipe I found the special Italian cuisine issue of Bon Appetite in the early nineties ( This is a great recipe that is fast and easy. I like to serve it with spinach rissotto or risi e bisi.

Christine Webb-Curtis

As usual, Lynn, I finish reading your blogs 1) hungry, and 2) longing to be in France. So keep inspiring me.

Best regards.


Ellen vanThiel

What fun to find our son's roasted chicken recipe on your blog! Can't wait to get back to Vietnam and have him make it for us! (Are you reading this, Rudy?)

Peggy McBride

How our Mom’s 2 daughters ended up LOVING to cook…I ‘ll never know! Just wondering if you recall one Thanksgiving long ago where we all just “picked” the turkey right at the table—no carving! It was quite feral and fun! I roast my organic farm-raised chicken in a lidded Dutch oven after rubbing with butter and spices and stuffing it with an apple. Ends up very moist and tender. ~ Love, your sis

Claudia Sansone

You are so awesome!
I can't wait to get back to Burgundy.


Julie Farrar

I do nothing fancy - some oil on the skin, salt and pepper AND paprika. I have to say that because I'm here in Burgundy I've had plenty of opportunities to eat Bresse chicken. Will I be kicked out of the country if I say I've tasted better roasted chicken? I don't find it sine qua non. My hometown restaurant Brasserie by Niche (french-influenced) would give Bresse a run for its money.

But now that I'm back in France, my craving starts for deep fried chicken. One of the first things I make when I get back to the States.

Let me just add that my daughter, who destroyed many of my skillets over the years just scrambling an egg, sent me photographic proof that she recently added roasted chicken to her cooking repertoire. Avocado toast, salmon, and now roasted chicken.

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