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Bonnie Groves Poppe

I just love that they hand out wine instead of water (or in addition to) at the half marathon. My kind of place!
bonnie in provence

Lee Adams

Lynn, are you and Ron, still in Charleston? If so could you join us for afternoon tea tomorrow, 12/8, at 4ish? We are celebrating our anniversary (30th!!) at the John Rutledge House, 116 Broad st. Has been our favorite place in Charleston for years.
Lee Adams & Maureen Templeton-Adams
(770) 365-8264


Love Santa handing out the wine refreshers along the running route! And the Dalmations with Cruella: Hilarious!

Anne @musicandmarkets

Our daughter and her fiancée were there this year - they loved Beaune in such a festive mood! And the invitation-only dinner was unbelievable - so thrilled they got to experience it!


Hi dear Lynn
My gosh, this really IS a party!!!
And a super enjoyable one , to say the least(!)complete
with an an equally fun cast of characters!!
(And here I thought Noveau Beaujolais week was a fete not to be topped!!)
I have two books to suggest: The Postmistress of Paris( by Meg White Clayton)(totally kept me turning pages) and also in an absolutely non French mode(!) Go Tell The Bees That I am Gone by Diana Gabaldon. Jamie ,Claire and family reunited at last as The Outlander series lives on.

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