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Bon Jour! 58 steps?? Good for you! When I was young we lived in an apt. bldg. on the third floor. It was good exercise. Now, though, I don't think I'd be too thrilled to walk it. Your cat is cute and your tea looks delicious, by the way! And I cannot believe the beauty of the chateau in which you live. What a beautiful picture, I can't even imagine living there.
Best regards,

Kathy in TN

Your magazine background shines through in your food pictures. They are gorgeous! I live in Tennessee; but I don't even LIKE iced tea (gasp ... heresy!). Yet, that picture makes it look delectable. Almost makes me want to try it ...

Genie -- Paris and Beyond

Lynn, we think it is a travesty that anyone would drink bottled sweet tea. We like ours with sugar syrup and lemon -- miam-miam!

J'adore le chat Piccolo! What a dilemma: litter box or in/out arrangement. I guess it was out of the question to install a pet door at le château -- hah!

Loved your magazine article.

À bientôt,

Suzanne Hurst

I may be one of the few southerners who don't like "sweet" tea, but I have found that I like it with just a tad of stevia, instead of sugar.

Avril Rustage-Johnston

What in the world is a "family-sized tea bag"? Is it different from a normal-sized tea bag+


All the fresh fruit teas, with or without liqueur, sound wonderful! I usually take my tea sweetened
lo-cal with lemon. To be able to enjoy it in a French chateau would be a dream...


I adore Piccolo ! Isn't it amazing to see how adaptable cats can be ?!
I am originally from NC , now living in the mountains of MD.
But my husband and myself love sweet tea...or 1/2 sweet and 1/2 unsweetened. with lemon.
Drinking tea in a chateau has to be divine...

Sue Bingeman

My favorite ice tea is half sweet tea and half lemonade. Isn't that called an Arnold Palmer?? I was raised on sweet ice tea and continue to love it! Thanks for the pleasure of reading your blog.
Sue Bingeman, Decatur High School class of '68!

Preppy Pink Crocodile

Southern sweet tea is hands down my favorite drink! Add vodka and you have a proper tailgate party. But green or black tea- none of the fruity flavor stuff for me please.

Carol (Crawford) Hjort

Hi Lynn!

We lived in New Jersey for a few years, and I went through cultural shock to discover that they did not serve iced tea in the that time, it was considered a summer drink in NJ! I would have to order a pot of hot tea and a class of ice at the restaurants and make my own iced tea at the table! Southern women have to have their iced tea, no matter where we live!! :-)

Another funny story...I was at a seafood restaurant one day in NJ, and I heard one of the ladies behind me ask "What is this?" Her friend answered, "It's something's called a hush puppy!" I almost choked on my never occured to me that hush puppies were only eaten in the South! LOL! You'll have to introduce the French to hush puppies while you are living there!!

Hugs to Piccolo!! She sounds like a purr-fect Southern lady!

Carol Hjort

Suzanne Hurst

On my first trip to Maine, we were in a seafood restaurant, and my cousin couldn't believe that I wanted hush puppies. The only hush puppies he knew about were shoes. LOL.

Jenny@ blooming tea

I just love sweet tea, thanks for featuring different teas, I'm a tea lover myself, 'glad to have found this blog.

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