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Gina B

I'd love to win a copy!! I love Kristin's blog!


I'm very interested in Blossoming in Provence! Can't wait to get the book. #giveaway


I would love to win Blossoming in Provence! It looks like it would be a beautiful book to have and go through time and time again.

Barbara Kelley

I would love a copy of the Espinasse book. I live in France 6 months a year - at least that's the way it looks now. We've just moved home to St. Louis a month ago. But I miss my friends in France.

Debbie Ambrous

I have a copy of Blossoming in Provence already, but I would be happy to have another to give to a friend. Back to the grocery shelf. Now I know I can live in France if they have Dr. Pepper!

Herm in Phoenix, AZ

I have read both of Kristin’s books and I highly recommend them.

Now I’m waiting for Lynn’s book! Maybe entitled something like. . . . . “Super Southern Fried Sunday Suppers Stylishly Served in a Chateau Setting” or, if that’s too long, perhaps “Lynn’s Castle Casseroles” would work.

Kathy S

Kristin's blog, French-Word-A-Day, is one of my favorites, like yours! I enjoyed her first book, and would love to win a copy of her new book.


I took would love to win a copy of Kristin's new book. I am a fan of her blog! When I lived in France, the only 2 things I missed were Hellman's mayonnaise ( sorry, couldn't get used to the homemade kind) and at Tday , cranberry sauce...So when any friends were coming over they were instructed to bring me huge bottle of mayonnaise ( until I figured out how to get friendly with the marine guards who had access to the huge PX in Paris...) then each T day I would load up on cranberry sauce in the can with the rings..( sorry again, a comfort food from childhood)! I still don't eat creative gourmet cranberry sauce on T day!!


In my town in central Italy we find some of the same products: a peanut butter called "American Peanut Butter" (as well as Skippy's) and maple syrup. The rest of the products in the American section are actually americanized ethnic things like El Paso Taco dinner, salsa and ramen noodles. No cranberry juice, Dr. Pepper or canned soup have made it over here...oh, and I did see Pepperidge Farm chocolate chunk the cookie aisle, not international section. I found that quite amazing. If I really want some American products the best bet is to go to Castroni in Rome...where they have many. Would love the book!


I've been following Kristin's blog for years and she is responsible for my finding YOUR blog (which I love!). I haven't had a chance to pick up her book yet, so I'd love to win a copy!
Thank you for sharing!

Cynthia M

Ooh, pick me, pick me! I have Kristin's first book, but not "Blossoming in Provence". She started her blogs about the same time my husband was starting his first deployment, and reading her weekly updates helped keep my spirits up and dreams alive. I fantasized about warm sunny days in Provence instead of living behind concertina wire on a little Army post in Bavaria. And as the deployments haven't stopped, neither has my weekly escape through her blogs -- and yes, still from Germany almost a decade later. Now my battle-hardened husband enjoys nothing more than sitting in a cafe in Provence, drinking pink wine, and consuming pesto with wild abandon! This is how we spend almost all of our downtime together, and it's primarily thanks to Kristin!

Mary James Lawrence

Greatly admire Kristin and want Blossoming in Provence on my bookshelf. I love my French grocery, the Hyper U or any U store. Check it out... have always had buttermilk (called something different) but I have to take my SR Cornmeal with me. Have fun!

phyllis morton

I would love a copy of Kristin's new book, Blossoming in Provence. I actually have 5 of her books, from the beginning three that became the first hard back. She sent me to your site, love it alsol

Caroline Weiss

Always enjoy your blog and Kristin's. Would love to be entered for a chance to win the book.

Judy Klinck

I would love to win Blossoming in Provence and I also love Southern Fried French!
A fellow Furman grad!

carol cottrell

Lynn,I first discovered your blog through my 85 year old mother. She and Mickie work out at the same place. Then I realized I had met Peggy in CLayton! I loved your blog from the start and it was a thrill to read that you knew Kristen. I have her first book and would love to win this one. I will begin saving for my stay in the Chateaubriand today. Carol

Bill M

Kristin Espinasse is a treasure. It would be wonderful to read her book and share it with fellow francophiles!
We are fortunate to have both of you to read weekly!
Lynn, perhaps you could bake a Dr. Pepper cake.....

Annie B

Would love to have Kristin's new book--I followed the drama of her rapid publishing trajectory. And, as with so many others, she brought me to you. Love both of you. You didn't mention if the prices for the US groceries are outrageous, but I suspect they might be.

Julie Farrar

I already have Kristin's book (all of her books), but I'm waiting until you collect all of your recipes into a cookbook, Lynne. And does this mean that I can find French's yellow mustard on the shelf now?! Last summer I found a diner in Dijon that had it. You can read about my excitement here:

And I just saw in the comments that you have a reader, Barbara Kelley in St. Louis. Me too *waves* If there is any way that you can direct her to my email or blog site so we could connect I'd appreciate it. Hey, maybe she's in one of the classes at Alliance Francaise here.

I guess it's gratin this weekend. My fridge definitely needs cleaning out.

Aaron Crossley

Great post and recipe. Would love a copy of the book Blossoming in Provence.

Cindy W.

Oh I love your blog! I am a Southern girl too and someday I want to live in France :-) I would love a copy of Blossoming in Provence !

Kathy Bateman

Thanks for your recipe. I too would love to win a copy of "Blossoming in Provence" since I follow both of your blogs which I quite enjoy.


What no Hawg Jaw. What do you eat for New Years Day?

Ginger Turnbough

I would love to win a copy of "Blossoming in Provence." In fact, I'll be traveling there in September!

Deborrah Stupke

So excited to have found your blog! Looks like great reading for gloomy Oregon winter days. I also can't wait to read Kristin's Blossoming in Provence - have been a faithful follower for years!

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