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Thank you for the sweet shout out...sweet would be the word for this post to be sure!!!!

Thea Jarvis

Thanks for sharing the joy of gelato -- a favorite treat. We have such happy memories of this Italian delight!


It's a deal!! Wouldn't be have some fun speaking "southern" French! BTW, I've led a sheltered life, never had gelato! I think French chocolat ice cream is heaven so that's my vote.
Bon weekend ya'll,

Julie F in St. Louis, MO

I wondered what the difference was. There is no ice cream in the States that even comes close to matching the flavor and texture of any random boule I buy on the streets of Dijon. I think every city at home needs to get into the summertime habit (like in Dijon) of pushing ice cream carts out onto the sidewalk so you're never more than 50 feet from an ice cream treat. The coconut is one of my favorites.

Sandra Vanw

I love gelato. Happily we can find it (well a close version) in Boulder now at several places. I think I may just need to try some this afternoon! The choices of flavors in S. France and Italy is so delightful. I could truly live on gelato.
Bon weekend. Enjoy.


Haagen-Dazs is ok as is Ben and Jerrys. But being a good southern girl you know that unless you make your own hand-ranked ice cream there is only one possibility and that is Blue Bell Vanilla from your local Publix-tastes just like your mother used to make in the hand-crank. In fact,for your next local fund-raising event have a home-made ice cream contest.....and don't forget the pecans.

Liza in Ann Arbor

I've been meaning to get to Nice and do it right for some time now. I've only ever passed through and not had good experiences. I think it's time to plan a week-long trip, so I can really dive in and see what that area is all about. It's gotta be great if you can get Italian gelato! (psst...there's a gelateria in Ann Arbor now and I'm in heaven!) Enjoy the rest of your trip.


Another wonderful post that has left me drooling!
Am so glad that those 'Lazy,hazy,crazy days of Summer" are just around the corner!(and if that last statement doesn't give my age
away,nothing will!)
Thanks,Lynn, for weekend smiles!
Bon journee!!!!!!!


Lynn, you do realize reading this is torture !! Looking at the pictures makes me want to lick the computer screen !! I would have a difficult time choosing flavors because I want them all ! Thanks !:)

Suzanne Hurst

I don't usually like gelato because it tends to be really sweet, but I have found one place in Louisville, KY where the gelato is delicieuse - a French place, bien sur! Favorites are dark chocolate and key lime.
The best ice cream in Louisville and Cincinatti is Graeter's, which is billed as "French pot." It is SOOO creamy and rich, the best ice cream I've ever had.


I am on my perpetual diet and now I am totally famished- FAB Post as usual!


I agree completely! There is nothing like gelato! We had THE best in Florence at a local shop off the tourist track.
But we also had it on rue Cler in Paris.... Can't wait to try it in Southern France!

Rachel M

I once had a basil/mint sorbet from a "between two buildings" ice cream stand in Toulouse... I dream of it sometimes in the Texas summer but I've never quite recreated it. Mmmmm.... Then in Athens I stayed just up the street from a gelateria that featured ices and ice creams in colors never found in nature - antifreeze green, bubblegum pink, you get the idea. Scary but oh so good... I have no idea to this day what some of those flavors were. Ahhhhh....

Anne Daigle

My favorite flavors were green apple and pear. Cannot figure how they get the ice cream to taste so much like fruit with no chemical off taste.

Linda Hollander

Well, here's a flavor for you...last year I was at the Philadelphia Flower Show (theme for 2011: Paris in the Spring...HAD to go!)with friends who took me to a gelateria on South Street, where I had...wait for it...avocado gelato!! Man, it was some fine gelato, and I could eat it every day! Lemony, not too sweet. I also had their apricot sorbet, because I've had it so many times in Italy and Frnace, and it was every bit as delicious.

There is a gelateria here in Portland, ME, run by a Milanese gentleman who decided to move here...generally crowded and quite wonderful, but he has thus far resisted my efforts to put the avocado stuff on the menu. I have to be content with the chocolate hazelnut...where's that comment about the perpetual diet? Sign me up (NOT!)

Emily {Rue de France}

There are a lot of lovely gelato places here in Annecy. Today was so sunny & mild that my husband & I just had to wander along the lake to la vielle ville & indulge at our favourite place, Glacier des Alpes, for the first time since last summer (ok, ok... last fall!) Sooooooooo yummy & so good for the mood... Spring, thank you for officially being here!

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