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French Girl in Seattle

I love most French sandwiches made out of fresh baguette, but I will never forget my first encounter with an American-style chicken salad sandwich when I first visited the US (I was 18:) I had to have one almost every day for three weeks after that! :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Heather Robinson

Oh my I am so very hungry right now!! I admit that when I need a bit of Americana I turn to making a sandwich for lunch--or even more American, a wrap--so thanks for setting me straight! How I miss things like BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, po-boys and my former NYC deli standbys like turkey, brie and honey mustard. Did I mention that I was hungry? ;)

But I will always be happy to garble down a tasty pain bagnat (that would be our Provençal version of tuna, tomato and egg), a gooey Corque Madame or my true favorite: saucisson in a baguette topped with fries!!!

Bon Weekend,

Frank Levin

The tomato and garlic bounty from the back yard has prompted two gazpacho meals with wonderful success. Instead of the raw egg I added two tablespoons of maple syrup. I add this to almost everything I make using tomatos which makes people ask about my secret ingredient. This held true for the gazpacho as well with tasty results. This soup,more than anything else, now symbolizes August at our house. That is the month in which we begin planning next June's trip to France and now we do it over a chilled bowl of this treat. BTW I used the avocado and lime garnish and it was great.


Yes! I love to take pictures of the glorious sandwiches in France. We arrive in less than two weeks, and "un sandwich" is surely one of the things I am looking forward to!


I love French sandwiches! And they are always so beautifully displayed that it's difficult to make a choice. One of my favorite American sandwiches is grilled chicken served with a dollop of cranberry relish or cranberry pepper jelly. It's fantastic!

Rachel M

Thanks for the mention! Actually, it is "Porra Antequera" with an "a", (not Porro) named for the town (Antequera) where it is enjoyed. Mmmm... and I think it would go great with most any of these sandwiches. I've learned to read your blog *after* lunch... much safer that way! (grin and mmmmmm!!)


WOW, it's noon here and defintely time for lunch!
Lynn,as always, your photos are wonderful, and today's leave me drooling!
Too hot for my favorites,Croque Madame (ou Monsieur); think I'll go
for a ham and gruyere on a crunchy baguette.
Oh my, life is gooood!!
THANK YOU for such a delicious reminder!
Bon journee!!!!!!

Julie F in St. Louis, MO

I have to admit that I've never eaten a sandwich from a boulangerie. That's because I know the French are fond of butter and/or mayo on their sandwiches -- two things I detest between bread. Maybe after your little lesson I'll read the little signs and see if I can find one with chevre or gruyere when I'm there this fall.

Suzanne Hurst

You've made me hungry, although I've already lunched. I had mini-reubens, which I've been making on "party" pumperknickel. I dress them with mustard, instead of 1000 island. They would be great for a cocktail party - go well with pinot grigio or beer.
My alltime fave is the BLT to which I often add a fried egg or a slice of swiss or cheddar. Second would be roast turkey with lots of mayo and a tad of cranberry sauce or chutney.
When I lived in FL, my fave sandwich was a Cuban, but so far haven't been able to find Cuban bread in Louisville; no other is the same.
My fave chicken salad is at a local French (Quebecois, actually) bistro - it's made with celery and fresh pineapple and served on a croissant. Now...for a snack, :-)

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