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24/7 in France

Merci for the recipe, since I don't eat ground meat either.

Rachel Matthews

I ate (once) at a McDo (pronounced McDough) in France. My excuse (and I'm sticking to it) is that we were in the midst of a wallpapering project that we didn't want to stop but we were hungry! The McDo was feting "regional" burgers. I had the "Aveyronaise" - a burger with blue cheese (the Aveyron department is the home of Roquefort) and walnuts (they grow plentifully in the Aveyron) on top. Slightly odd (the walnuts anyway) but actually not bad! Mmmm...

Suzanne Hurst

I've never had bulgar, but your recipe sounds really good; I think you are right that the secret to a good veggie burger is that it be crispy. Could this recipe be done with quinoa? I have some and need something to do with it. It never seems to taste as good as when I get it out.
Chocolate cake recipe coming soon, ha!

Christine Webb-Curtis

Just after reading the Maureen Dowd article after finishing yours, what should pop up immediately on my iPhone but a Le Figaro report that says "François Hollande répond au livre de Valérie Trierweiler." It's all quite amusing, isn't it?

We are on our way to France next week for a month. We won't be visiting your beloved Bourgogne, but we look forward to several days in Brittany before the weather turns (or perhaps the weather never truly turns in Brittany) and then head to Languedoc to visit those places we keep leaving off the agenda.

Funny that you and Kristin Espinasse seem to publish your blogs almost simultaneously. The American spirit seems to move along the same wave length.

I look forward to trying your burger. I used to cook bulgar quite a lot when I lived in Chile. I haven't tried it for years. Time to do it again.



Don't normally countenance eating McDonald's but recently found ourselves in France eating at McDo's for reasons too complicated and boring to explain.

Two big differences from the experience in the UK (and maybe the US as well?).

One is that you get waiter/waitress service.

Two is you can get a beer with your burger.

Food's universally the same though - degoulasse as they say in France.


Thanks for the recipe - veggie burgers can indeed be delicious and this one sounds like a winner. Agree about bulgur and quinoa, by the way (ah, but is it gluten free? lately everyone in America seems to have developed celiac disease).


Lynn,the thought of a yummy burger sounds like heaven and your picture has left me drooling(!)Your recipe is the next one on my list to try! Thank You!
I agree--a hamburger topped with pate is very much de trop!
There's a place in Vegas which specializes in every ritzy kind,including those,and one with truffles (think it was $120).(can't remember if pommes frites were included).
Do need to say(?)We did not partake.
Seeing SFF again today was a welcome surprise!
Your posts are always something to look forward to!
Any chance that we will return to weekly?

Anne Marie Marquardt

I'd love to post the image of my low-cal "jamburger" but can't seem to get it here. You can go to my website: to see the picture.

Diane Stanley

Can you freeze the bulgar burgers?


Yummy Lynn, those sound delicious!! Thanks!

Caterina B

That recipe sounds really good! I do enjoy a good veggie burger despite having a meat loving hubby like you. Mine makes his burgers from elk, which he hunts each autumn. They are delicious.
Also, gosh, I love to read Maureen Dowd. Thanks for the link.


I have a portobello burger I love but this bulgur sounds interesting. Thanks.


Thank you for the recipe, I love vegetarian options, so this will go on my "to try" list! I have enjoyed reading some of your older posts this morning, and wishing I was in France. Wishing you a beautiful weekend, Lidy

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