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Debbie Ambrous

Thanks for all of the scarf lessons. Now I have some new tricks for my new and old ones. During our recent trip there was a small child's bed in our large master bedroom in the rental house. Would you believe that I brought enough scarves to cover the little bed? My bed of scarves was a pretty, colorful spot in the corner! I brought 7 new scarves home. Actually, a few of them were old beauties picked up at vide-grenier sales. Thanks for the referral to my website, and for your help when I was planning the trip to Provence. October was a perfect time to be there!

Colleen Taylor

Lynn, what a lovely post! I don't think you need to fake anything since you are already very chic.
I'm thrilled by this post because I have my own signature line of scarves. I am a design collaborator with a company out of San Francisco who asked me to join their team earlier this year. They are printed digitally from images of my artwork. With your post here I'm learning a few new ways to tie mine now. The clothing from Devernois are drop dead gorgeous!

24/7 in France

Great post, Lynn. I have a big collection of scarves too and so, have a video post on my blog for 25 ways to tie a scarf! Bon weekend to you and Ron.

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen

Thank you so much for the scarf lesson. I adore scarves and probably should be put on probation too. I must have brought 20 scarves back from Provence this spring and I appreciate all of the tips I can get on how to get the most use of them. I find after wearing scarves you become addicted, not only to the look but the comfort that they bring you no matter what the season.


Thanks for the advice on how to wear the scarves. I too collect them. I have an assortment hanging from the four corners of my poster bed. When I want one, I just climb up and take it down. It's a nice place to hang them because they don't get wrinkled and they add something to the dark wood of the bed.

Take care

Peter Ingle

Lynn: a wonderful post and beautiful shots. I recognize the familiar background!
~ Peter

Kenneth Scupp

Very funny Way to go Ron! I need to put my wife on scarf probation also. J'ai besoin de mettre ma femme un stage des carrés aussi.

Herm in Phoenix, AZ

Very nice post, Lynn!

Sure are stylish! Beats the red bandana we see out here in the west!

The cowboys and cowgirls do have special knots, but sometimes the bandana is held in place with a fancy “slider” usually made with sliver and turquoise.

Pulled up over the nose, the bandana becomes a mask when robbing a stage or train, HA


:o) Now, if you really want your head to spin (and to find an excuse to buy MORE scarves), watch this adorable tutorial on 25 ways to wear your scarves:

Suzanne Hurst

I have another one for you, taught to me by my physical therapist. :-) Use a long scarf. Fold in half. Tie each end to its mate - you will have a knot at each end. Put scarf around your neck in a circle, then fold in half so that you have a second circle and put your head through that. A picture would help, but hope y'all get it, ha.


Do not forget that real men in France also wear scarfs


Thank you,Lynn,for this terrific post!
My gosh,you ladies are elegant and give me inspiration to try these knots at home.
The pictures really help!
Even though I love scarves,I am,alas,most definitely challenged in this department,and
am excited at the thought of an appearance of something other than the amateur wrinkled-squished look(!)
I am complete agreement with you about Kristin Espinesse's(French Word A Day)books.
I have read all of them,and each one is charming.She brings the reader into her life,and delights us with her humor.

Julie Farrar

I'm an obsessive observer of all the scarves I see in France, trying to learn new ways to wear them. Youtube is good for that, too. Like you, Lynn, I probably own more scarves than I should. I actually get a bit sad during summers at home in St. Louis because it is just too hot and humid to wear one on a daily basis. But if I'm going to a movie or a restaurant or other over-airconditioned place I grab one as I head out the door. You forgot to mention how great scarves are during the shoulder season when there's a chill during outdoor dining. So even if I'm not wearing one as I go about my day in France, I always have one stuffed in my sac in case I head straight to a restaurant for dinner and don't have time to grab a sweater.


Last May while on board a train from Perpignan to Paris I saw a guy in jeans and a short sleeve t-shirt with a scarf slip knotted around his neck. I didn't think it could get any more ridiculous until, on a scalding hot day on the Ile d'Oléron, I saw a "jeune fille" in an adorable skimpy sundress and a big scarf around her neck!

Betsy Foree

the best scarves i have found are Petrusse. bought a couple in La Cadiere d'Azure.

Allison Herron

You are just too fun, Lynn!


Great post! I saved this Nordstrom video about how to tie a scarf and refer to it when I need inspiration:

On a serious note, I haven't been able to stop thinking about what has happened in the last day and send lots of love to Paris on this very sad day. xoxo


What fun! It was so much fun sharing scarf secrets with you. However, Kent must never learn Ron's secret of scarf probation ....

Ashely Love

Not even french women, all other women of European countries are now making their way to wear scarves whether it is to complete their fashion or to support their football team. Football lovers are now supporting their team by wearing their supporting scarves. I too have a scarf which i use to wear whenever i wear a dumb dress and it makes up my personality.

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