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Ian lambert

Sorry the Australians agree with the English, as expected.


Yummy sounding! I can't wait to give this recipe a try! A great idea for a hostess gift with the holidays just around the corner - thanks for sharing.


You have had these chez nous also Lynn; good old Delia, she is so very English. I use her scone recipe 😀


Lynn, this sounds delicious!Will be a treat for tonight's enjoyment!
Thanks to Linda(and Delia) and,especially,to you for sharing with us!
I especially like the "slice and bake" factor,and the use of the pistachios.
There is a recipe for a similar "Sable" in the (I think,my brain just blanked out)(oh well,what else is new?)now vintage Paris cookbook by Williams Sonoma for a gruyere "Sable"
with walnuts.Also delicious and ease of making/baking/presenting.

Colleen Taylor

This recipe and these photos look so wonderful & I had to read this before I called it a day. I want this Now!!! Now I can't get my mind off of anything else but to try this. Thank you for this...I think!

Ella Dyer

May not get around to making more cookies (currently use Alsa mix when in Nice; please don't tell anyone!) but did get around to reading your book How to Learn a New Language With a Used Brain and can highly recommend it to anyone preparing for French lessons (like me).
Thank you for sharing such valuable pointers; I'm planning to enroll in a program in January so will use your advice between now and then.
Take care and keep in touch,


They look and sound delicious! Merci. Look forward to trying them soon.


Just made cheese "straws" for friends in France and they were crazy about them. Can't wait to try this recipe, too. Thanks!

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