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Thea Jarvis

If I ever get back to Poplar Ave I am going to make this yummy pie! ❤️

Ellen van Thiel

This sounds delicious. Can’t wait to make it. Also, ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ is fantastic!

Jane Williamson

The answer to too much liquid could be to put some semolina at the bottom of the pie dish.
It absorbs the liquid and then cooks.

Colleen Taylor

This tomato pie is making me so hungry right now Lynn. I recently discovered my son's new tomato bushes with little cherry tomato's but the variety was new to me. They were sweet as sugar & you can pop them in your mouth like popcorn. I think they were called Sun Gold but I'm not certain if that's right. Thank you for the recipe!


Lynn,that is a stroke of genius to put the crust on the top of that heavenly tomato pie!
The entire recipe sounds--and looks-- like heaven!YUM!!!
I honestly am more familiar making tomato tarts,but this gives me renewed incentive to try it!
Thank you!
One way I have always done tomatoes is to stuff and bake them.
Bocuse had a wonderful way of doing it(which I doctored up to fit our tastes):Hollow out six small to medium tomatoes;reserve seeds and pulp.Save tops. saute couple strips of bacon,add in some ground beef and ground pork and cook.In another dish boil about a cup of milk into which two slices of onion are added.After milk has been infused,remove onion,finely chop and add to the meat mixture.Crumble two pieces of bread and let sit in the milk for 15 minutes.Squeeze,add to meat mixture. Stuff into hollowed tomatoes.Place tops on top.Meanwhile place seeds and pulp into a saucepan;cook over medium heat for for 15 minutes or so(till reduced to sauce consistency).Pour around tomatoes and bake at 375 for approx. 30 minutes.This can be reheated and is equally delicious(we like lots of sauce so I usually make more each time).
PS I agree with the consensus about Gentleman in Moscow:really good read!

Michaela Rodeno

I, too, loved A Gentleman in Moscow.
Tomatoes finally getting ripe here (it's been a slow growing season in Napa Valley in spite of plenty of rain last winter) so I have a plethora of heirlooms with which to try your tomato pie - the easy one. I have a wonderful recipe for Tomato Gratin that I'll email to you.

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