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So enchanting!
And that flat looks perfect.

Thank you!


Beautiful photos, Lynn. So glad we got to see most of it. The two Collégiale photos are especially stunning. And, off coarse, I love the Bell Tower and the cat. Happy to know the meaning of it.


Serendipitous, indeed! You got some great pictures! And that flat looks wonderful! I want to do some research on E.J. Marey. He sounds like the ideal subject for a children's picture book!

Colleen Taylor

Oh my goodness Lynn, I was so thrilled to see our book featured here today. Thank you for posting this. We've been fortunate to have had more sales than we imagined already. It is greatly appreciated, even more than you know. You are most generous & we are indeed humbled.

Beaune looks like a must see on anyone's list to see. You are so fortunate to be living there. That clock bell tower is beyond fascinating. What a fabulous place to visit. Thank you for the reference of François flat, a perfect spot to stay.

Frank Levin

We first encountered a show like this at Chartres about fifteen years ago and we were amazed. Bourges has a trail of blue lanterns which you follow from location to location , some of which have light shows inside their courtyards. Blois also has a son et lumiere inside the chateau wall which tells the history of the area with narration. It is done in English a few days a week. The art and technology that goes into these displays is awesome. Thanks for sharing this one. We have always like Beaune. This is a good reason to return.

Sue Wallace

Lynn, have you read any of Laura Bradley's books about her time flipping houses in Beaune? They're called the Grape series. I think there are 5 of them. Bill's ancestors are from Beaune so I appreciate your tips as we'd like to go there one day. Thanks, Sue Wallace

Sue Wallace

Lynn, sorry, I meant to say Laura Bradbury. Old age! Sue


Lynn,this is incredible ,and wow!Totally captures my imagination!
Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pictures with us!
Thank you,too,for telling us about Colleen's charming book(!)
AND Francois'lovely flat!
You hopelessly spoil us,Lynn.Every post never fails to be something wonderful,and something to look forward to.

Colleen Taylor

Thank you Natalia for viewing the book. Warms my heart to hear your comment. Lynn is just the best!

Suzanne Hurst

I love the book, and am considering buying it and putting it away as an early Christmas gift for a little boy who will be about 1 1/2 then. And the apartment? Geez, I'd like to move right in. Lynn, I am glad to know that I am not the only one who has made a soggy tomato pie. I'll have to try again soon. Would puff pastry work for the crust?

Alix Rico

Love seeing you and Ron are excited and discovering so many new delights! We missed seeing you this summer
and will leave Provence soon for 2 weeks in Italy and Greece! It has been an amazing summer! And we have about
200 signatures on our petition to save the Cafe!! A bientot! Buzz,a,

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