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I want to cuddle everyone of them! And, I think you must have broken Vino somewhere along the sad...


Mama just bought A Single Thread and we all LOVE your French kitty post.
Love from a French kitty,

Christine Webb-Curtis

We returned to Pernes Les Fontaines a few weeks ago. I had forgotten that it is plein des chats. Fun to see again. Love the quotes. They certainly fit our cats.


Oh,dear Lynn,you always write the most wonderful posts,but this one is absolutely at the top of my favorites list!!Especially the wonderful opportunity to see sweet Vino,who will always be a precious baby in grown up clothes!I have Rachael's French Dog--it has captured my imagination!!
PS our pups just turned one!!

Colleen Taylor

These are all adorable, especially Vino Lynn.

Ian lambert

Our cat Noir says have you read “Distillery Cats” by Brad Thomas Parsons. It is a Bio of cats working in American Distilleries. She recommends it as humorous.


I particularly enjoyed your darling Domino's letter telling us about his life with "his staff". HILARIOUS!


What a pleasant surprise! Loved it all. That look on Vino’s face on Ron’s lap is priceless. Loved seeing Bellie of coarse. Thanks for your perfect timing!

Julie Messerschmidt

Great photos! We miss you in Beaune, but hope you, Ron and Vino are enjoying life back in Charleston.

Sue Wallace

I think I saw the tail end of the little white dog on the table with his head hidden under the yellow handbag, non? Was he embarrassed for some reason? Sue Wallace

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