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Christine Wager

I am so glad you have recovered, Lynn and that Ron has not had to suffer this awful infection. However, he must have been beside himself with worry about you. Your account was sobering and a lesson for all of us. Thanks for taking the trouble to write it. My daughter, Kate seems to have the virus and hasn’t suffered much so far, but she has only been ill for 6 days. We’ll have to be aware of possible recurrence. I hope you manage to get back to France in the not too distant future and we are looking forward to our return too. Bon courage and virtual hugs to both of you and we hope to see you sooner rather than later. Chris XX

Colleen Taylor

Oh my goodness Lynn! I'm so terribly sorry to hear of your ordeal. I read through this thoroughly & I don't want to even imagine going through this. This scared the Bajezuz out of me even though I've heard of similar cases. I'm thrilled you are over & done with this. I hope you are feeling well now & your husband doesn't catch this. My love to you & thank you for this valuable information.

Martin Withington

Oh my goodness Lynn! How awful for you both but brilliant news that you’ve come through all this and are now recovered.

You Southern Belles are obviously made of stern stuff!

Shocked to hear the news but immensely glad that all’s well now.

Love and best wishes to you both, Martin and Helen


Oh my, Lynn! I'm so glad you made it through. What an awful experience. Thank you for sharing and giving such good advice for what to have on hand. Sending hugs.

Dottie Vincent

Lynn, I had it, too. Very intense! For me:
Day One and Two: Body Aches, Fatigue, mild sore throat. I thought I had the flu and a friend called in Tamiflu. I picked up the Tamiflu and ginger ale from a pharmacy. For the next couple of days, I had a dry cough that triggered vomiting. Then, a relative called and thought I sounded disoriented, so she called Andrew and he drove 70 miles after work to check on me. Still unable to hold down Tamiflu, foods and liquids, with the dry cough and body aches, he took me to the ER on day 5 (in my gown and housecoat). I had a fever of 102 degrees, shaking! chills! and dehydration, and my chest x-ray showed pneumonia. I got IV fluids and antibiotics over a few hours, and luckily got to go back home after promising Andrew would be there. After that, I was too tired to get dressed for total of 14 days, which took care of social distancing except with Andrew and the ER staff. I couldn’t be tested because I didn’t have a travel history. It’s been 5 weeks and I am getting stronger. I am really glad this is behind me! Hope the rest of your spring is much better!!

Frank Levin

I can't think of anything amusing to say for once except I will say that you gave away the ending since you are still with us to have written it for us. Thank you for being that "must write it," person.
Had it not been for the virus that got you we would be packing for Le Pays Basque right now. We have re-scheduled for October. That is a good way to show hope.

Gail Wendorf

thank you for sharing this with us Lynn. I'm so glad you're feeling better, and that knock wood, your husband is still well. May you make it home to France soon.

Judy Klinck

Lynn, what a horrible experience!! I am so thankful you survived and so far, Ron os well. About the time you went to DC, we left for Paris on Mar 5. There were some news reports, but we didn’t think of cancelling our 50th anniversary trip. We enjoyed those 4 days with the usual riding of Metros and eating in crowded restaurants, then took the Eurostar to London to see our son, daughter in law and our only grandchild. The first few days were normal, a few more tube rides, Then the news started heating up with virus news and warnings and restrictions on who could enter the US and from where. We were able to change our flight easily on American and re-routed through JFK, one of 13 screening airports. We flew on Mar 15, three days earlier than planned. Our screening was very uneventful as we exited the plane, nothing like the pictures at O’Hare. We quarantined strictly for two weeks and our dear daughter made deliveries. Thanks be to God, neither of us got sick during that time and I feel we dodged a big, fast bullet! Now of course, everyone is quarantined. I am so sorry you had to go through this, Lynn, but thank you so much for sharing your account, which I hope is a cautionary tale to any who are skeptical and a reminder to the rest of us to stay vigilant. I hope you have seen the last cycle of The Misery.
Chris, I pray that your daughter recovers soon.

Mariella Neumann

Lynn I am so pleased you have pulled through.
Thank you for what we need to look out for and the dangers of this terrible virus 🦠.


Dear Lynn,
What a terrible experience and SO glad you bravely overcame it!
Love to uo both from South Burgundy
Jean-Paul and Veronica

Ian lambert

The same in Australia, the young don’t care because they think it is mild if they get it. They don’t care about the older generation. They continue to party. Thank you for sharing your story. It gives us information and hope.

Sally Watling

So sorry to hear you have had such a terrible time dear Lynn. Glad you are through it - love.

Jane Williamson

Lynn, how awful for you both, we are so glad you have recovered.
It is beautiful here in 71. the forsythia has been out for about ten days and the blackthorn is already over.
We were self isolating for 9 days before it became mandatory as my immune system is not good, it is always me that catches whatever is doing the rounds and I have asthma. Our hens are laying well and we can share our eggs with our immediate neighbours, leaving them to be picked up by our post box. Jim had already planted lots of early purple sprouting broccoli, which gives us lovely fresh greens!
It was our 4th wedding anniversary on the 29th March and we had planned to go to St Amour to the wonderful restaurant there, but I had to cook and it snowed!
71 is not as badly affected as some of the other Departments, but the retirement home in Mazille had 20 of its residents die to date and staff were also affected.
The re-education home in Hurigny outside Macon was also affected.
I always have a good store cupboard, but stocked up as well as we really did not know at the beginning how we would be able to replenish our stuff. We can order online from the Super U in St Bonnet and someone from the store puts your order in your car and you have no contact at all.
You have to fill out an Attestation saying why you are out and at what time you left home. Typically French.
Trivy has set up a Depot de Pain twice a week in the Salle and you can order bread from the wonderful bakery in Dompierre.
It is so quiet here, no 'planes and very few cars.
I have thought that it might be useful to post your Diary on Survive France, so that we can really understand just why we need to self-isolate.
Our daughter lives in Munich and is working from home in a flat with two boys, so we feel blessed to be sitting out our isolation here.
Take care both of you and, once again, we are so glad you are better. Perhaps you can take some comfort from the thought that you are probably now immune!

Kathy Casey

I am so sorry that you have experienced this and am very glad that you continue to improve. Thank you for this informative post.

Doris Wolfe

Chère Lynn,
We too are in the states wanting to get back to our home in France.
Merci beaucoup for writing of your experience and helpful advice.
So sorry it was such a frightening ordeal for you.
All the best to you both,
Doris et John Wolfe

Kim OBrien-Wolett

Gosh Lynn- I am so sorry to hear that you went through such an awful ordeal. As soon as I read your article I made sure to follow your instructions so if (heaven forbid!) it hits the Wolett household we will be prepared. Take care!

Debbie Ambrous

Dearest Lynn, I'm so sorry to hear that you went through this terrible virus, but thankfully you did make it and that is the good news. I believe that I had the virus as well, however, my test was negative. We think it was either a false negative, or perhaps the swab was not sufficient because I flinched when the nurse first placed it inside my nostril and she stopped and went no further. My first sign that something was wrong was waking with a high fever and I called the doctor the next day and they did flu test (negative) and checked my lungs. For the next 8 days I had severe body pains, minor dry cough, severe chills at night, shaking like a convulsion, headache, severe fatigue (could hardly walk across the room) and no appetite. I knew nothing about an oximeter until a few days ago. The worst of my episode lasted for 8 days or so and the doctor tested again for flu after the negative virus test. I still have some fatigue, and now of all things I have a urinary tract infection. I'm ready to feel really good again, or at least as much as possible. Good news is my husband didn't catch it. I wish the best for you and Ron!


Thank you for sharing, Lynn. I am sorry you had to go through this “fresh Hell”—as Dorothy Parker would say. We put our plans to join or French friends on the Île d’Oléron this summer on hold because of this pestilence. We are isolating ourselves and not even seeing grandchildren because their parents work in essential industries outside the home. We are pinning our hopes on new drugs and antibody tests.

Bon rétablissment.

Dani Manilla

I want to join the others in thanking you for doing this. I know you had said it was,"awful" but this puts things in an entirely different perspective. Thankfully, Ron didn't get it too, and could take care of you.
At the moment I am feeling lucky to be stuck in France. You are correct. The government is doing a great job, but I think it's also the French mentality. That concept of "fraternite", which is written into the constitution, is so important at this time. I
I spent two hours this morning (yes, I took two documents with different times with me, just in case...), going to a local market. Normally, it should take 30 minutes. However, only a few people we allowed in at a time. Those waiting outside were all one meter apart. The checkers were well protected, shoppers were keeping their distance, and the store (Intermarche for those who know it) had posted a sign offering to sell produce for agriculteurs if they were having financial issues. Thankfully, we're now set for another 2 weeks.
Hoping everyone remains healthy and sane,

Lee and Maureen

Cher Lynn and Ron, thank you so much for sharing your horrific experience. So happy to know you are almost out of the tunnel. Ron is not my new HERO,what a great guy and first class husband. Seems like 100 years ago (Jan 2020) we were planning our return to Provence. Yikes, what were we thinking? As Maureen is still dealing with mobility issues from hip replacement last June, we had already planned to stay in NC vs Atlanta. Like you ,our view of the ICW is a calming factor in our life. With the extremely high risk factors we both have, it is difficult to keep the anxiety at bay. Making tasty meals together with a nice french wine helps. Will keep you in our hearts and prayers.
See you in Provence.
Lee and Maureen

Virginia A. Ward

Thank you for sharing the details of your case and how great that you are recovering. We are well in Florida and missing our beloved Provence. And my favorite French phrase: Bonne Continuation ! With your recuperation.
Les bisous,

Joyce Ledbetter

Oh Lynn , so sorry you have been through this horrific experience , but so glad you have come through it and are recovering . I can not understand why so many do not take this situation more seriously . Stay well and take care ! Joyce


Oh Lynn, I’m so grateful you are recovered and Ron did not get ill. I am high risk and have been staying home. My dear hubs goes out to work, go to the store if necessary and we have a disinfecting station outside for his clothes, mail, packages. What a crazy time! The organizational government in France sounds practical and prepared! please take care of yourselves! 💕


Oh Lynn how very very awful.I just cannot imagine. Our daughter and husband have had it, in England, but thankfully all symptoms were not too bad and they are in recovery. We all took it so lightly when it first appeared. Not now. And yes indeed, the healthy system in this country is just not good.

Carol Crawford Hjort

Hi Lynn!
I am so sorry to hear that you had COVID 19! Thankfully, Ron did not catch it from you! We traveled to the U.K. on March 4th for three weeks, and when we arrived, there were only 35 people in the U.K. infected with the coronavirus. When we left three weeks later, the number had increased to more than 8000. The last figure I heard was more than 25,000, so I don’t know what that number is up to now.

We started our trip at the Crufts Dog Show, which is probably the largest dog shows in the world in Birmingham, England. We then spent a week in Edinburgh, Scotland sightseeing, and the remainder of our trip was spent based out of an apartment in Kensington in London. Once we arrived in London, we started noticing that the only topic of discussion on the BBC was COVID 19. By Tuesday, we had received an email that our flight home to Charlotte had been cancelled.

To make a long story short, we went through five flight cancellations before we were finally able to check-in on line for a flight to Miami, where we caught a connecting flight to Charlotte! We ended up departing two days ahead of schedule to secure a flight home, but we were among the fortunate ones to get out! The day we left, American Airlines had reduced their number of flights from around 25 flights a day out of Heathrow to the U.S. to 2 flights a day! One of our tour guides in Scotland emailed me that he had a client from the U.S. who is still stranded in Manchester, with no way home.

We miraculously arrived in the U.S. coronavirus-free! We were still asked to shelter in place for 14 days, which we are currently doing. We feel fortunate to remain free of the virus, considering we traveled by plane, train, taxi and the Underground (subway) on numerous occasions throughout our journey! I read your story and thought, “There, but by the Grace of God, go I.” Thank you for sharing your story. I would like to reiterate to anyone reading this...please be vigilant and follow the safety protocols set forth by your country! This pandemic is a very real global event, so do not take it lightly and think that it will not happen to you! As Lynn has shown us, it can happen to anyone. I am so thankful that you survived this terrible disease, Lynn! There are many who have not been as fortunate.

Carol (Crawford) Hjort
Clemmons, NC USA

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